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Should I use acronyms in dialogues before telling the readers what it stands for in fiction?

There are occasions where you basically just start a chapter with a short descriptive passage and go straight to dialogues, so in those situations I am not sure how to deal with acronyms in... more


An organization writes its acronym in lower-case - do I have to, too?

I'm writing an article that includes reference to an organization - let's say National Ecological Council of Concerned Citizens - which, instead of NECOCC, uses the acronym *necocc*, i.e.... more


Is an apostrophe with a decade (e.g. 1920’s) generally considered “incorrect”?

I typically don’t use an apostrophe with plurals in any situation, but I always assumed that the use of an apostrophe in constructions like acronyms:> Forty BA’s were given out to students this... more
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How to read "BSON"?

BSON is a particular data format used in web development, derived from the JSON format. JSON is pronounced "jay-son" as the Greek hero, and given the tendendcy the scientific community has to have... more

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