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How does shutter speed affect the video?

As shutter speed affects the coming light on sensor.But has it any affect on movement of subjects in video?


Good learning resources for 'non-technical' aspects of filmmaking?

I am a relative newcomer to video production but have a background in still photography. This means that I have a good understanding of things like ISO/aperture/shutter speeds/resolution/etc. (and... more

Tips to make professional looking hand-held videos using smart phones?

Phone Model I have: Nokia 808 PureViewfps available: 15, 24, 25 30720p & 1080p videos can be recorded using this phone.I am trying to make videos using hand-held techniques. But whatever I... more


Filming in a house of mirrors?

How do they film in a house of mirrors? Obviously the reflection of the cameras would be seen.Do they use a green screen and a lot of editing?I really don't know anything about video production,... more


What is a circular motion around a object called when filming?

You know that camera technique when the camera operator usually have a steadicam and runs/walks around a person.I'm trying to learn how to do that with my homemade glidecam but it is so hard. it... more


How do I film a friend's wedding?

My friend asked me to video tape his wedding. I have minimal experience behind a video camera but I'm comfortable with technology. I'm mostly looking for **composition and logistical advice** on... more


Why do pro cameras still need to pull focus?

Big productions using pro cinema cameras (RED Weapon etc...) still use manual focus and still have someone who's sole job is just to pull focus for a camera.With today's technology, I would always... more

How to start a freelance editing company?

I am 17 and I want to start a freelance video editing company, using Motion and Final Cut Pro X. Only problem is, I have no idea how to go about starting it. Where are some good places to begin?


What's the benefit of Hollywood still using film for most major productions?

As a semi-professional cinematographer and photographer, I've always wondered why large productions mostly always prefer to use Film cameras, even with the development of cameras such as RED and... more

How does green screening work with green objects?

A question that has been on my mind for so long is: How exactly does green screening work with an object to vanish? Short example: Normal green screens as a background are replaced with an image... more

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