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Citation in AP style journalism?

I'm writing feature articles and trying to adhere to AP style, but I'm not sure how to attribute a source. I'm familiar with academic citation (APA, MLA), but have never done this in... more


APA Citation for a undergrad-level book review?

I'm writing a book review for sociology on the book *Sidewalk* by Mitchell Duneier.This book is the ONLY source for my whole paper. It is the only citation that I am using and the only outside... more

Should I add references to conference presentations?

I am preparing a CS conference presentation and wondering how can I handle the references. I am thinking about three different possibilities: 1. Ignore them! 2. Just list them at the end of the... more


An organization writes its acronym in lower-case - do I have to, too?

I'm writing an article that includes reference to an organization - let's say National Ecological Council of Concerned Citizens - which, instead of NECOCC, uses the acronym *necocc*, i.e.... more
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My question is below. It is too long.

I am working on a nonfiction/resource book for victims of domestic violence. In one section, I have several website URL resources listed. Can I put a superscript after each website URL and list... more
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How do you cite a quote from a website?

So I've pulled a quote off of google images and it has who the quote was said by, but not if it was an interview or magazine snippet, and I'm not sure how to cite it in my papers bibliography. 

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