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How can I learn to play piano and sing at the same time?

I want to learn to be an entertainer. What equipment would I need and how can I train?

How do I differentiate between the "voices" of my characters in a multi-character POV?

I'm currently writing a novel with 3-4 character POVs in it - two male, two female. Each have different upbringings, different cultural backgrounds, different professions, different motivators and... more

How should I write a SATB piece in Musescore with respect to its voice soundfont?

I'm currently writing a vocal piece for a high school SATB chorus in Musescore. Throughout the composition process, I've been using the Musescore playback, **which presents all voice syllables in a... more

In a TTTTBBBB arrangement, what do you call each group of singers?

I can assume the BBBB can be divided into Baritone I & II and Bass 1 & II, but what about tenors (assuming they’re all tenors and not countertenors)? Is there another name or does it go... more


Is there a hack to bring out your "true" voice?

I've just approved my typeset manuscript and re-reading the book, I'm aware that it sounds very far away from my internal voice. Whilst it has all of the elements in practice, the colour and... more


what are the hand-signs in solfege?

I've searched in SE for solfege and names of altered notes or tones. This point seems to be cleared. But I couldn't find any about hand-signs for solfege. **What are the solfege hand-signs?** In... more

How do I write an original melody?

I'm trying to write a song, and I keep thinking of a melody, but they have all been taken. How do I find a melody that hasn't been taken?


Do capable harmony singers sing in just intonation or tempered tuning?

Given that the human voice is capable of microtonal adjustments to an infinite degree and not limited by the fixed tuning imparted upon an instrument such as a piano - I am wondering if singers who... more


Do capable harmony singers sing in just intonation or tempered tuning?

I understand that the mathematical frequency ratios between certain intervals will correlate with the overtones that are present when a note sounds in a fundamental frequency. Certain predictable... more


Convert it into passive voice- The woman are praying in the temple.

Convert it into passive form   Q. The woman are praying in the temple. 

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