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Handling a small detail the POV character would not notice?

I have a scene in which two characters, Boy and Girl, meet for the first time. Girl is the POV character in this section.They are about to have lunch, when Girl is called away on an emergency. ... more
Viewpoint Writing Characters


Sympathetic portrayal of devout, rule-abiding characters?

I'm having trouble portraying religious, devout characters as protagonists or viewpoint characters. When I try, I get the sense that the reader - not sharing the characters' beliefs - will have... more
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Why is young adult romance now being written primarily in the first person?

My recollection is that when I started reading romance novels in the 1980s, the majority (perhaps 60%) were written in the third person. This included some "young adult" romances with characters in... more


What are some Que and Clues on 3rd Person POV shift?

I am writing in 3rd person limited POV. I have noticed I have section of text that seem to shift to omniscient. A lot of this happens when I'm forced to tell bits of information to the reader. By... more


How do I change a novel from first person to limited third person?

For various reasons (increased clarity, and an interested agent), I'm rewriting what was once two first-person POVs into a third person limited POV. Other answers have previously established the... more

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