Asked • 06/05/19

Where to break paragraphs in dialogue?

I'm going through an editing something I wrote and am stuck on where to break paragraphs containing dialogue. I know I need to break when a new character speaks, but I'm not sure where to start a new paragraph when there is description mixed with dialogue.For example:> He nodded. "Thank you for returning the bicycle. You see it was my son's and he would love to ride it one more time."<sup>1</sup> My heart pained at this, and I looked up at my dad who seemed unmoved.<sup>2</sup> I looked back at Mr. Houston.<sup>3</sup> "Of course. I apologize I didn't give it back in time. I was scared."Where is the best place to split this paragraph?1. After the first speaker finishes2. Between the two non-dialogue sentences3. Just before the second speaker begins4. Somewhere else?

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Stacey S. answered • 06/07/19

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