Asked • 06/02/19

Sentence rhythm?

Writers are advised to read their work aloud to spot issues they wouldn't otherwise, and maybe work out what it'll take to fix them. Things you might otherwise miss [include]( poor explanations, errors of spelling, punctuatio and grammar, long or convoluted sentences, repetition, and poorly chosen register (what the source linked above calls tone). More subjective things [include]( problems with a sentence's rhythm or pace, or ["stilted" dialogue]('s this second set of concerns I have a question about. Well, not so much stilted dialogue; the above link gives me a feel of what that is. I'm most worried I won't notice when a sentence doesn't have the right rhythm or pace. I can't help but give a rhythm to each sentence I write that feels like it makes sense as I'm doing it, but there are so many combinations of stress patterns and syllable counts and it feels like you could "fit music" to any of them. When checking for it on a re-read, is there anything specific I could check for that's easily overlooked?

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