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antibiotic class query

is colistin sulfate a glycopeptide? is glycopeptide the same as polypeptide antibiotics? I am just confused whether they mean the same thing. The more I search about them. The more I become more... more


a liquid antibiotic has 250mg in 5 ml. the order states to give 1g. how many miligrams do you give

Please convert the above drug calculation


c1v1+c1v2=c3v3 pharm solution question

need a 1.5%(w/v) solution out of:a) 100mg/5ml (30ml bottle)b)10mg/5ml (100 ml bottle)How much of the 10mg/100ml has to be mixed with the 100mg/5ml to obtain the 1.5% solution


Lock and key theory of acetylcholine

According to lock and key theory single molecule will fit into single receptor only. How does Acetylcholine will binds to both Nicotinic (ligand gated receptor) and muscarinic receptor (g protein... more


Lock and key theory of acetylcholine

The question is According to lock and key theory single molecule will fit into single receptor only. How does Acetylcholine will binds to both Nicotinic (ligand gated receptor) and muscarinic... more


medicine/ pharmacy

a high risk patient would like to get their bivalant COVID booster shot. how long they need to wait if they got their mRNA vaccine previously
Pharmacology Chemistry


How long it would take for the effect of 1 tablet of methotrexate to be significantly reduced after the maximum effect has been achieved?

Methotrexate is a drug used in anticancer therapy. It acts as a competitive inhibitor of dihydrofolate reductase(DHFR), which ultimately leads to reduced cell replication.DHFR catalyses the... more


Which antidepressant would you question if ordered for a patient diagnosed with anorexia?

Think about the main issue with any patient diagnosed with anorexia. What is it? What are we trying promote? What are we trying to prevent? Think physiological needs. So if this antidepressant was... more
Pharmacology Nursing Nclex


A patient with medical history including COPD and T2DM is being treated for pneumonia. The treatment includes IV corticosteroids and antibiotics.

The nurse notices that even though patient's pneumonia has resolved he has an elevated blood sugar. What is the best explanation for the elevated blood sugar?A. Antibiotics given for pneumonia... more


Pharmacy Calculation

Cefuroxime 750mg vials are in stock which when reconstituted with 8mL of diluent yields a concentration of 90mg/mL. A patient undergoing open heart surgery requires 1.5 grams of cefuroxime q12h for... more


Which word was most likely part of the etymology of the term “cardiologist”?

Etymology is the study of the histories of words. A specific term’s etymology traces the different sounds and words that came together to form the term.Which word was most likely part of the... more


Which best demonstrates the placebo effect?

Which best demonstrates the placebo effect?A. a patient who quits smoking because he thinks he is given antismoking pills but is really given sugar pillsB. a patient who feels better with an... more


calculation adjusting the flow rate

Ordered: 500 mL 0.45% NS at 62 mL/h. Calculate the total time to infuse.


Do you think that glycerol can be detected in all fats? Why?

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