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Vary invested for equal return quantity

I have $300,000 to disburse among 8 different stocks. The interest earned are 343%, 36%, 35%, 32%, 9%, 9%, 6% and 3%. The amount invested in each needs to be determined, which will vary in... more
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Fair, or Not Fair, that is the Question?

 The Blackman Bears are competing in a grueling 12-mile relay race. Coach Thompson met with the four-member team and gave them the following instructions: Martin will run 25 % of the entire... more
Percentages Math


What is 2 more than 20% of 80?


There are 16 Students in a class

There are 16 students in a class and two people missed a recent quiz. The class average before the two absent students made up the quiz was 92%. When the two students made up the quiz, one earned a... more
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Averaging percentages

How do you find the average for 3 percentages?
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How to change mixture for a solution with a given ratio?

I have a mixture with 70% of one composite element and 30% of another composite element. I want to change the mixture to 50%/50% and the total weight to be 1kg or 1,000g.How much of the 30%... more
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Help me settle an argument

If I loan my friend 26 cents and he uses that 26 cents to buy a 10,000 yacht, how much of that yacht will I own?
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What is 128.1 as a percentage of 91.5.

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Rock age by finding using elements and percentages

Certain element has a half life of 2.5 billion years..15% of the original element remains. The other 85% decayed into lead. How old is the rock? Analysis of another rock shows that it contains 65%... more
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How to determine interest and payment sizes?

Jennifer borrowed $3000 from the bank in order to buy a new jacuzzi. She will pay it off by equal payments at the end of each week for 4 years. The annual interest rate is 8.05%. Determine the... more
Percentages Algebra 1 Division


Any reason to use division while finding a percentage?

6960.66 + 4% = 7,239.09I was told this is wrong and I should have done the math like this:6960.66 divided by .96 = 7250.68Why is this? Is the person who is telling me this wrong? I've never... more
Percentages Prealgebra


Word problem on money, percentages and tax

Hi can you help me solve this question? It goes like this I think I'm not fully sure thoughA man imports models from china it costs him $5.95 per model, he also has to pay 5% tax per import. He... more
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Working out different day rates?

If I have a pot of money worth £110,000 how do I work out the exact cost of:7 full day rates28 days charged at 50% of a full day rate 12 days charged at 25% of a full day rate 
Percentages Prealgebra Maths


Percentages question that I am stuck on

One day at a school 70% of the students wore a polo shirt. 80% of the students wearing polo shirts were boys.What percentage of the students were boys who wore polo shirts?
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A video merchant sold 24 cases of tapes, which was 20% of what he had left. What percent of tapes did he sell?
Percentages Math Psat


PSAT question ( help please)

last week benjamin spent $82.80 on groceries and $132.48 on bills. The amount he spent on groceries was %15 of his paycheck , What percent of his paycheck did benjamin spend on bills?I need to know... more
Percentages Chemistry


An alloy of brass is composed of 84.6% copper, 5.20% tin, 6.70% lead, and zinc. The number of pounds of zinc required to make 520.0 pounds of alloy is "_____"

Obviously this is a homework question for my trade school. What I don't get about this is the wording. The zinc equals 3.5% of an alloy from what I put together. I don't understand though. Do these... more
Percentages Gre Gre Exam


Percentage evaulation Queestion from GRE?

A question from GRE book says: A candidate who gets 30 percent marks in an examination fails by 30 marks,but another candidate who gets 42 percent marks get 42 more marks than necessary for... more

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