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Money Business


Disputed Amount

Is the disputed amount in a transaction the amount you should have been charged, or is it the amount you should not have been charged?
Money Math


Suppose you want to purchase a home for $425,000 with a 30-year mortgage at 4.94% interest. Suppose also that you can put down 30%.

find : What are the monthly payments? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $ What is the total amount paid for principal and interest? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $ What... more
Money Math Algebra 1


Algebra homework help

Problem: Pattie gets a monthly allowance of $35. If she spends ⅕ of that monthly allowance for x numbers of weeks after 3 ½ months on snacks, she ends up with $59.50. How many weeks does Pattie... more

Tyler’s brother works in a shoe store.

A) Tyler’s brother earns a commission. He makes 2.5% of the amount he sells. Last week, he sold 9000$ worth of shoes. How much was his commission?B) The store bought a pair of shoes for 50$, and... more
Money Finance Income


How can I make £1.25 every hour of the day, everyday, passively?

£1.25 x 24 = £30 £30 every day of the year = around £10,080 per year. These days making this amount of money online everyday can't be impossible. Thank you in advance.


Which is the better buy?

Option 1:3 1/3 lb. Of turkey for $10.50Option 2:2 1/2 lb. of turkey for $6.25
Money Algebra 1


Quantities (money question)

Together Evan, Katie, and McKenna had $865 when they left to go shopping. Evan spent 2/5 of his money. Katie spent $40. McKenna spent twice as much as Evan. McKenna spent twice as much as Evan,They... more


mathematics whole numbers

a group of 3 adults and 10 children bought a ticket to watch dance performance. each adult ticket cost $7 more than each child ticket. the group paid a total of $125. what was the cost of each... more
Money Prealgebra


Whats the fewest amount of bills and coins you use to make 3.50

They paid with a twenty dollar bill


How to determine interest and payment sizes?

Jennifer borrowed $3000 from the bank in order to buy a new jacuzzi. She will pay it off by equal payments at the end of each week for 4 years. The annual interest rate is 8.05%. Determine the... more


Can I self-publish on a reputable publishing platform, and how much would it cost?

With the barrier to having a publisher sign a new author seemingly high, especially without prior success or experience, are there any good author-funded alternatives out there to the repeated... more
Money Business Gdp


What is Q in the quantitative theory of money?

I am testing the quantitative theory of money for South Africa. QP = Mv. It is fairly clear what M and P are (broad money, or M1, price index, etc). But I am puzzled with Q. Is it GDP or does it... more


Was Smedley Butler right when he said 21,000 million/billionaires were created from World War I?

In his book entitled "War is a Racket" Smedley Butler argues that the profit of war is counted in bodies and money spent. He also wrote that 21,000 millionaires/billionaires were made from World... more


How was financial profit viewed in Medieval Europe?

What was the attitude of people in Medieval Europe towards earning money, making a profit etc. I know that in some places Jews were well established as merchants because, from the point of the view... more


What is the chemical symbol for gold?


Why is gold considered so precious?


If I make 13$/hr...

If I make 13$/hr but make ~250$ extra in tips over a 2 week period, what’s my actual wage?


Finding the percentage?

There is a pot of cash in the amount of $1,500. This will be split between two people equally, so they will each receive $750. My question is the following: what percentage are they each receiving... more
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