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I'm trying to figure out the possible combinations of a group of objects each priced differently.

There are 16 objects priced as follows:$9,600$9,400$9,200$8,800$8,600$8,400$7,800$7,200$7,000$6,600$6,200$5,800$5,400$5,000$4,800and finally $4,600I have a budget of $50,000. How many combinations... more
Money Algebra 1


Word Problem. l

Monica deposits $760 into a savings account that pays 6.2% per year. If the account compounds quarterly, find the time it takes to triple her investment.


Sam borrows $28 000 to buy a new car at a flat interest rate of 9% per annum over 3 years.

How much will sam need to budget per week to cover the cost of the loan repayments?


Audrey earned $1125 from an investment of $6000 over 5 years.

What was the annual simple interest rate applied to this investment?


Calculate the simple interest earned on an investment of

Of $25 000 at 8.5% per annum for 2 years


The local hardware store has a discount sale. Articles are offered for sale at 25% off the recommended retail price.

Employees can also claim a further 10% price reduction on the sale price of all goods. During this sale an employee buys an article with a recommended retail price of $200.-what price will the... more
Money Business


Disputed Amount

Is the disputed amount in a transaction the amount you should have been charged, or is it the amount you should not have been charged?
Money Math


Suppose you want to purchase a home for $425,000 with a 30-year mortgage at 4.94% interest. Suppose also that you can put down 30%.

find : What are the monthly payments? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $ What is the total amount paid for principal and interest? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $ What... more


Algebra homework help

Problem: Pattie gets a monthly allowance of $35. If she spends ⅕ of that monthly allowance for x numbers of weeks after 3 ½ months on snacks, she ends up with $59.50. How many weeks does Pattie... more

Tyler’s brother works in a shoe store.

A) Tyler’s brother earns a commission. He makes 2.5% of the amount he sells. Last week, he sold 9000$ worth of shoes. How much was his commission?B) The store bought a pair of shoes for 50$, and... more
Money Finance Income


How can I make £1.25 every hour of the day, everyday, passively?

£1.25 x 24 = £30 £30 every day of the year = around £10,080 per year. These days making this amount of money online everyday can't be impossible. Thank you in advance.


Which is the better buy?

Option 1:3 1/3 lb. Of turkey for $10.50Option 2:2 1/2 lb. of turkey for $6.25
Money Algebra 1


Quantities (money question)

Together Evan, Katie, and McKenna had $865 when they left to go shopping. Evan spent 2/5 of his money. Katie spent $40. McKenna spent twice as much as Evan. McKenna spent twice as much as Evan,They... more

mathematics whole numbers

a group of 3 adults and 10 children bought a ticket to watch dance performance. each adult ticket cost $7 more than each child ticket. the group paid a total of $125. what was the cost of each... more
Money Prealgebra


Whats the fewest amount of bills and coins you use to make 3.50

They paid with a twenty dollar bill


How to determine interest and payment sizes?

Jennifer borrowed $3000 from the bank in order to buy a new jacuzzi. She will pay it off by equal payments at the end of each week for 4 years. The annual interest rate is 8.05%. Determine the... more

Can I self-publish on a reputable publishing platform, and how much would it cost?

With the barrier to having a publisher sign a new author seemingly high, especially without prior success or experience, are there any good author-funded alternatives out there to the repeated... more


What is Q in the quantitative theory of money?

I am testing the quantitative theory of money for South Africa. QP = Mv. It is fairly clear what M and P are (broad money, or M1, price index, etc). But I am puzzled with Q. Is it GDP or does it... more

Was Smedley Butler right when he said 21,000 million/billionaires were created from World War I?

In his book entitled "War is a Racket" Smedley Butler argues that the profit of war is counted in bodies and money spent. He also wrote that 21,000 millionaires/billionaires were made from World... more

How was financial profit viewed in Medieval Europe?

What was the attitude of people in Medieval Europe towards earning money, making a profit etc. I know that in some places Jews were well established as merchants because, from the point of the view... more

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