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A 3-gallon bottle of bleach costs $14.88. What is the price per cup?

i need to know the price per cup


How many students were in the group initially?

A group of students decide to divide the $400 profit from their book sale among themselves. When they realize that there are three additional students with whom they must split the profits, they... more


John has $486 in his bank account. Each week, he takes out $18 to pay for guitar lessons. Write an equation for this situation.

 i need a equation for this problem and then i need to make a table of values, i also need to know which month he will run out of money


If Sophia earns $10 an hour, how much time does it take her to earn $48.80?

I need the answer to this problem. Please help!


One 148 ounce box of detergent costs $5.92. Find the unit price.



10 tickets cost 39.50 how much does 1 ticket cost

I am modeling for a show and one of the requirements is selling 10 tickets to the show and the total is 39.50 I need to figure out the cost of 1 ticke to determine whether or not I can afford this


Elemntary Problem Solving Question

A shopkeeper buys some books for £80. If he had bought 4 more books for the same amount, each book would have cost £1 less. Find the number of books he bought?   Thank You


abbie spends 5/8 of her money and saved the rest. If she spends $45 how much money did she save?

I tried: n(5/8)=45 n=45/.625 n=72 Is this right?


The total amount Edgar paid for a slice of pizza and a tip of exactly 24% was between $2.50 and $3.00. What was the price of the pizza slice?

I don't know if there is a fast or standard way to solve this problem.


The total amount Edgar paid for a slice of pizza and a tip of exactly 24% was between $2.50 and $3.00. What was the price of the pizza slice?

I am wondering if there is some fast way to solve this problem.


Money problem solver

Catherine spent 2/5 of her money. Then she gave 2/5 of the money that was left to her brother. £36 of the mobey remained. How much money did Catherine have at first?


How much will I have in 12 years if I start with $102701.00 if it increases 14% a year?

Just trying to guess at what my savings will be in 12 years given this years return of 14%


What IS $7.19 in cents

$7.19 in cents


Gisele has $5.90 in quarters and nickels. If she has 16 more nickels than quarters, how many quarters does she have?

Translate the word problem into an equation then solve. Please Help!!


Georgie earns an hourly rate. In one week his wage is $609.90, paid for 40 hours plus 9 hours at a time and a half. Find his hourly weight.

 This question is on my homework and i do not know how to solve it, so as well as providing me with the correct answer if you could explain how you got to the answer it would be greatly appreciated.


How much money will i need for gas each week?

If I drive 492.6 miles per week in a car that gets 32 miles per gallon in a 13 gallon tank, how much money will I need to refill that car each week if gas prices are $2.39?


Math word problem help

a total of 30$ was placed in four envelopes, a different amount in each one. Money from the largest share was taken to double each of the other amounts. the resulting amounts were the same as... more
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