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There are 16 Students in a class

There are 16 students in a class and two people missed a recent quiz. The class average before the two absent students made up the quiz was 92%. When the two students made up the quiz, one earned a... more


Calculating an Average Markup

We are trying to find the average markup per bill.Would you take the totals at the end of the dataset to find the markup? Or would you find the individual markup of each biill and then take an... more
Averages Prealgebra


Jenny’s test grades are 93, 89, 96, and 98. If she wishes to raise her average to 95, what does she need to score on her next test?

i found the average of the 4 numbers to be 94, how would i know that a 99 would bring her average to a 95?
Averages Probability


Calculating an average on a 1/4 chance

In a video game you preform an action that is guaranteed to drop one of these values: 5,10,15,20. All have an equal chance of happening (only one of the values can drop at any single completion),... more
Averages Math


Maths and averages

The average of 3 consecutive numbers is 11. The average of another set of 5 consecutive numbers is 23. What is the average of these eight numbers?please help me?cheersBrandon
Averages Grades


What is the lowest grade for the 5th exam that he can get to earn a 90%?

Jay scored a 92, 87, 89, and 94 on the past 4 assessments. What is the lowest grade for the 5th exam that he can get to earn a 90%?


Marks average for all 14 quizzes was an 81. Mark had an average of 75 for his first 10 quizzes, what was the average score for his last 4 quizzes?

Please solve and explain the process without guess and check.


The data shows the amount of fuel used by 5 different vehicles that each drove 200 miles during a road test. What is the average miles per gallon for the test.

data to use   Car U used 14 gallons Car V used 12 gallons Car w used 12 gallons Car x used 6 gallons Car Y used 8 gallons  


A student must have an 83% average to take algebra. I f he has and 82, 77 and 75 in the first three quarters, what is the minimum score he must earn in the 4th

We got 98 but used guess and check method which is not allowed, how else could you get 98 with out guessing.  We started at 100 and worked down.


the average of 'n' numbers is x. when 36 is subtracted from two of the numbers, the new average becomes(x-8). the value of 'n' is

find the value of 'n'  (a) 6                  (b) 8   (c)  9                  (d)  72   (e)  None of these  


average question for GRE

if the average of 11,17,15,28, and x is 19.6, what is the value of x?
Averages Algebra


The average of two numbers is 16. If one of the numbers is 11, what is the other numbers?

 I need to figure out what the other number is


If a player has a completion percentage of 88% then next game has a completion rate of 94% what would be the overall average?

A soccer player has played 5 games and totals 88% for pass completion, he then has a completion of 94%. What would the total percentage overall then become?


The question is in the description it was too long.

If you average 20 points a game for half of a season in the NBA (41 games), and for the other half of the season you average 0 (zero) points, what would your overall average of points be for the... more


Noah has an average of 92 for the last 3 man quizzes what must he make on the 4th quiz to raise his average to 94

No I has an average of 92 for the last 3 math quizzes white mice I make on the 4th quiz to raise his average to 94 


John Paul and George gather aluminum and tin cans

j, p and g gather aluminum and tin cans to exchange for money at the local recycling plant. One day the 3 men decided to combine their findings for the day, j collected 3,25 Pound of cans, p... more


Approaches to calculating sale cost

show 2 different approaches to calculating the sale cost of a jacket, regularly $200 which has a discount of 30% include the final answer for each method shown. Neglect sales tax for this problem


totaled 2 columns -mile and cost to get cost/mile - the average does not add up

1st column - miles 2nd column - cost 3rd column cost/mile   the average cost/mile does not equal the cost/mile divided by the number of columns??  


Math Problem on Averages

Kenny paid $1400 for 280 shirts. He sold 240 of them at an average of $8 each. If he made atotal profit of $800, what was the average price at which he sold the rest of the shirts?     Yvonne... more


Six people can pack 1500 boxes in 4 days. At the same rate, how many boxes can eight people pack in 6 days?

it's an average problem 


finding the fifth number

the average of 5 numbers is 13. four of the numbers are 11,9,15 and 26. what is the fifth number?  



Need help for thisA group of working adults was surveyed to find out how well they sleep on weekend nights. The pie chart below shows, correct to the nearest hour, the hours of sleep of these... more


Two numbers are such that one number is 42 more that the second number and their average is equal to 40. What is the larger of the two numbers?

Two numbers are such that one number is 42 more that the second number and their average is equal to 40. What is the larger of the two numbers?

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