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what is the percentage increase from 3.4 to 7.8

I've recently done an exercise with staff at work looking at their energy levels. On a scale of 1-10 the mean score from 20 staff was 3.4 energy - after a 6 week nutrition and wellbeing... more


Debbie buys handbags for $70 then sells them for 98. What is the percentage markup

Give me the answer pleaaaaaasehsjdjndjdbdjjdjdjd


a village has a population of 3381 after falling by 2%. what was the earlier population

please help i'm terrible at mathematics  and cant work this out i really hope this website works because it's my last hope !!


did you mean this as a problem statement?

In a garage there are cars and trucks. 24 percent of all cars and trucks are with automatic transmission. If there are 60 percent of cars with automatic transformation then what percentage of... more


An airplane left Atlanta with 52 empty seats. If the airplane was 75% full, what was the total number of seats on the airplane?

An airplane left Atlanta with 52 empty seats. If the airplane was 75% full, what was the total number of seats on the airplane?


How many bananas will each of the five people receive according to their percentages.....details below.

Five people are to 111 bananas, two are to receive 40% each of them, two are to receive 5% each of them, and one is to receive 10% of them; how many bananas will each person get?


What is the answer to this problem please?

There are no results for Only party A and Party B contested an election. All the people who are eligible to vote in an election are called the electorate. In this election, 10% of the electorate... more


You have 40 liters of a juice blend that is 70% juice. How many liters of pure juice must be added in order to make a blend that is 85% juice?

I just need to know how to set the equation up and the reasoning behind it.  


word problems of percentages

Brian invests £1200 into a savings account. The bank gives 3% compound interest for the first 2 years and 5% thereafter. How much will Brian have after 6 years to the nearest pound?


Population Increase

The population of a certain town grows by 1.8% each year. If the population today is 62397, what will the population be in 11 years?


a logo has an area of 580 cm squared, 59cm squared of the logo was red what is the percentage of the logo was red

I have a choice of answers 9.8%, 11%, 342.2, 10.2


if A is 25% less than B then B is greater than A by what percent ?

 what i have understood up till here is that A is 1/4 less than 


a bicyclist spends 10 hours each weekend biking what percent is spent biking during those 48 hours

The answer provided is 41.7% but that doesn't seem correct  


A managers salary increases from 48,000 to 51,360. What is the rate of increase

I need help on this, we are working on percentages and stuff in class. I tried to solve this and I got the answer 70%, which I know is wrong.


What is 65% out of 100%

Like 50% out of 100% is 75%, & 75% out of 100% is 87%, so what is 65% out of 100%, is it 85%.


A stereo is marked down $75. If this is a 15% decrease what is the sale price.

I have no clue how to find this answer. My teacher gave it to me as a practice problem please help.


The bill for a meal was $33.75. The customer left $40.00. What percentage of the bill was the tip

I think the answer is 18.5185, but I want to know if I got it right. I don’t have anyone to ask that knows how to do this.


Percentages and Time

Allyson answers 24% of her math problem in 30 minutes. She still has 10 math problems left. How many homework problems has Allyson already completed? Working at the same rate, how many more minutes... more


Percent to Higher Percent

If 151 hours and 21 minutes is 6%, what is 20%?


if girl was getting 67/100 and boy got 48/100 how much better did the girl do in percentage

 Maths question for sociology essay 
1 2 4 6 7 15

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