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The height, h meters, of a batter baseball as a function of the time, t seconds, since the ball was hit can be modelled by the function h = -2.1(t-2.4)²+13. Read description

How many seconds after it was hit did the ball hit the ground, to the nearest tenth of a second?
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I don’t understand this question about finding the dimensions of a fenced piece of land. What are the steps to do this?

A rectangular piece of land is to be fenced in using two kinds of fencing. Two opposite sides will be fenced using standard fencing that costs $6/m, while the other two sides will require... more
Word Problems Calculus


Could someone help me with this max revenue question? I keep getting the wrong answer and I don’t know why

A bus service carries 10,000 people daily between Cybervelle and Steeptown, and the company has space to serve up to 15,000 people per day. The cost to ride the bus is $20. Market research shows... more
Word Problems Calculus


a box with a square base and open top must have a volume of 4000cm^3. What dimensions of the box would minimize the amount of material used?

I get that you need to find the derivative of something to get the minimum value, but how do you get that original equation? and then what do you do after getting the derivative of it?
Word Problems Calculus


a wire of length (L) is divided into 2 parts. One forms a circle and the other forms a square. How should the wire be cut so the total area is a minimum?

what are the steps to do this? the answer is x= 4L / 4+pi
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How to solve this?

Chas and Ben stop to get funnel cakes and their costs follow a linear model. Chas buys a 3 topping funnel cake that costs $10.85 while Ben can't resist a 7 topping funnel cake that cost $13.65. How... more


Unsolvable 8th Grade Question

In a multinational company that employs Indians, Turks, Chinese, Germans and Australians, the Indians are one less than one-third the number of germans and three less than half the numbers of... more
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A rectangular lawn has a legnth that is 2m longer than the width. the area of the lawn is 8m^2. What is the quadratic equation?
Word Problems Algebra 1


A number equals two more than another. A number plus twice another is 11. Find the numbers.

This is the last problem im stuck on and math and could use the help
Word Problems Algebra 1


six times a number equals another while their sum is 28

what are the numbers im in math and completely forgot how to do this
Word Problems Math Scale Drawings


My math question is very hard please help. I don't understand this

Zeke made a scale drawing of the elementary school. The schoolyard is 120 millimeters long in the drawing. The actual schoolyard is 160 meters long. What scale did Zeke use?3 millimeters... more


A teacher wants to give each student in her class some candy...

She wants everyone to get an equal number of pieces. The teacher has fewer than 85 pieces of candy. If she arranges the pieces in groups of 2,3, or 4 for each student, she will have 1 piece left... more
Word Problems Algebra 1


A rectangle has a perimeter of 296 feet.

A rectangle has a perimeter of 296 feet. It’s length is four feet longer than three times it’s width. if L stands for the length of the rectangle and W stands for its width, write a system of... more
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How Do You Add Mixed Numbers?

Millie used 4 5/8 bags of dirt in one garden and 9 1/8 bags of dirt in another garden. What is the total number of bags Millie used?
Word Problems Math


Math! Please solve this promblem for me!!

I am a 4 digit number. I am odd I am greater than 2000, but less than 2500 My tens place digit is 3 times bigger than my hundreds place digit The sum of my digits is 13 My ones place digit is... more
Word Problems Quadratic Equation



 A rectangular supermarket, 90 m. by 60 m, is to be built on a city block having an area of 15 400 square metres. There is to be a uniform strip around the building for parking. How wide is the... more
Word Problems Algebra 1


Need help with this word problem ! Appreciate it a lot!

A body's weight varies inversely with the square of its distance from the center of the earth: if a chicken weighs 12 pounds when it is 5,000 miles from the earth's center, how much will the... more

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