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student field trip

A students field trip costs $120. Eight less students were able to attend than planned. As a result the price per student increased by $0.50. How many students attended the trip?

WORD PROBLEM: Solve the word problem.

Steven needs to purchase enough wallpaper to cover a wall measuring 84 square feet. If the width is 5 feet more than the length, what are the dimensions of the wall?   Length:   Width: 

Cindy baked 34 cookies with 2 scoops of flour. How many scoops of flour are needed in order for Cindy to bake 85 cookies? This is a unit rate problem.

This problem is a word problem that understanding of unit rates are needed to solve. I need help understanding them fast, as I'm out of school ( recovering from surgery) and have not been taught.

Tyler’s brother works in a shoe store.

A) Tyler’s brother earns a commission. He makes 2.5% of the amount he sells. Last week, he sold 9000$ worth of shoes. How much was his commission?B) The store bought a pair of shoes for 50$, and... more


What does this mean by system of equations and can you write down the equations so I can see an example?

Drew is a counselor at a summer camp and need to buy prizes for the competitions at the end of the week.:There are two groups, middle school,high school, for which needs prizes:He wants to buy at... more


I have no idea how to solve this!!please help!

Leland works part time at a car wash and earns $10 an hour. He also babysits and earns $12 an hour.Leland plans to save more than $450 and to work for at most 40 hours in a month?Write an... more


How do I solve this?

A cinema has two different prices for tickets: one price for children and one price for adults.: 35 cents children's tickets plus 20 adults cost a total of 287.5:25 cents children's tickets plus 30... more


Find the dimensions of the open top rectangular box with a square base that has a volume of 4000 cubic inches and has the smallest possible surface area

(A) list the quantities that are varying, the quantity that is constant, and what you are trying to find(b) define all the variables for the problem and use them to describe a formula for the... more


penny made a 74% on her first test. what must she get on her next test to have an average of at least 80%

penny made a 74% on her first test. what must she get on her next test to have an average of at least 80% ( 100 points per test)


The demand equation for a certain product is given by p=104-0.015x, where p is the unit price (in dollars) of the product and x is the number of units produced.

The total revenue obtained by producing and selling x units is given by R=xp. Determine prices (p) that would yield a revenue of $5670. What is the lowest price? What is the highest price?


A coin, thrown upward at time t=0 from an office in the Empire State Building, has height in feet above the ground t seconds later given by

h(t)=-16t^2+64t+960=-16(t-10)(t+6) at what time does the coin hit the ground?


A person is standing close to the edge on top of a 288ft building throws a baseball vertically upwards.

The quadratic function s(t)=-16t^2+48t+288 models the ball’s height above the ground, s(t), in feet, t seconds after it was thrown. How many seconds does it take for the ball to finally hit the... more


I need help with this problem please!

You are ordering t-shirts in the online store. You have to pay 8.34 dollars per t-shirt and then 13 dollars for shipping. Write a linear model that calculates the total cost of your order if you by... more


Need help with word problem please

If Tanisha has $100 to invest at 9% per annum compounded semianually, how long will it be before she has $200? Also, if the compounding is continuous, how long will it be?


Need help with word problem please

If Tanisha has $100 to invest at 9% per annum compounded semianually, how long will it be before she has $200? Also, if the compounding is continuous, how long will it be?


how do i solve this problem

A boat traveled down the Mississippi River with a steady current of 4 km/h to a casino in 2 hours and 20 minutes. Itreturned home against the same current, but the trip took one hour and 40 minutes... more


Sally needs a new car. She is trying to lessen her "carbon foot print", but at the same time she wants to spend her money wisely.

She is deciding between the Lexus RX 450h (hybrid) and the Lexus RX 350. The RX450h costs $43,700 with anticipated gas costs of $1,454 per year. The RS 350 costs $38,650 with anticipated gas costs... more


How fast is the height of the pile increasing when the pile is 11 feet high?

Gravel is being dumped from a conveyor belt at a rate of 30 cubic feet per minute. It forms a pile in the shape of a right circular cone whose base diameter and height are always the same. my... more


How many Miles until they are equal.

A truck can be rented from Company A for ​$130 a day plus ​$0.50 per mile. Company B charges ​$70 a day plus ​$0.60 per mile to rent the same truck. Find the number of miles in a day at which the... more


Write the equation

The opposite of a number is increased by four. This is some is quadrupled for the result of 12. Find the number.


How do I find something that is 1.96 Standard Deviations below the mean?

A consumer is investigating the cost of car insurance finds out that in her area, the ave. cost/yr is $867 with a standard deviation of $172. Find the cost that is 1.96 STD below the mean. I guess... more


There’s this word problem which is really hard for me because I’m really bad at word problems and this one is really hard to understand so if there is an easy solution could anyone give it to me?

Word problem: The formula for determining the pressure, p, exerted on an object at a depth, h, below the surface of a liquid is p = s + dgh, where s is the atmospheric pressure, d is the density of... more
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