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Proportions Math


Proportions problem

Your father is planning to cook for 20 people using a recipe that specifies one and a fourth cups of sugar for every six people.For the larger group, your father will require how many cups of... more
Proportions Math Algebra Algebra Math


Proportion question that i’m not sure how to set up and solve

This is a practice question and I need to make sure I got it down before I start my assignments so if anyone knows this please answer! 1) Suppose the number of people who sign up for a band's... more
Proportions Math Rate Of Change


what is the rate of change

the temperature of the water is being heated is 20°c after 5 minutes the temperature is 45°c. what is the rate of change of the temperature of the water?


I need an explanation. Scale drawing, and finding actual distances below.

I had a project where I drew a water park on a graph, and I had to answer some questions about it. I didnt get this part. Your water park design has been drawn as a blueprint, but to build it, you... more
Proportions Math Ratios


Digital televisions often have a width-to-height ratio of 16:9. The width of a TV screen is 120. What is it's height?

I'm having a hard time understanding my math homework, any help?
Proportions Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2


Algebra Cowboy Problem

A cowboy agreed to work for one year for 19,200 plus a horse. He quit after 7 months and was paid 10,450 but got to keep the horse. How many dollars was the horse worth if the salary pad reflects... more


College student needs help with math

A 170 pound person weighs 85 pounds on Mars. How much would a 15400 pound elephant weigh on Mars
Proportions Algebra 2


Proportional Problems

If M varies jointly as x and y, and m=10 when x=2 and y=14, find m when x=11 and y=8
Proportions Math Algebra 2 Algebra


A client would like his logo printed on to a canvas that’s at least 70 inches. The original logo is 4.5 inches wide and 3.6 inches tall.

Which of the following dimensions will keep the logo in proportion and large enough to meet the clients requirements. A. 45 in by 36 in B. 87.5 in by 70 inC. 70 in by 56 in
Proportions Prealgebra


The radiator needs water

The radiator in a car is filled with a solution of 60% antifreeze and 40% water. The manufacturer of the antifreeze suggests that, for the summer driving, optimal cooling of the engine is obtained... more
Proportions Prealgebra


Is 3/8=6/11 a true proportion?

Is 3/8=6/11 a true proportion?
Proportions Math Ratios Mathematics


How do you solve this confusing Ratio and Proportions question?

Water needs to be removed from an underground chamber before work can commence. When the water was at a depth of 3m, five suction pipes were used and emptied the chamber in 4 hours. If the water is... more
Proportions Algebra 2


Proportions and equal problems

At 10 am a snowstorm is 250 miles west of St.Louis. The storm travels 150 miles eastward at a constant rate, and then it’s speed decreases by 5 miles per hour. If the storm reaches St.Louis at 8.00... more
Proportions Algebra 2


Relationships and also proportions

The sum of a number and it’s reciprocal is equal to the opposite of the product of the number and it’s reciprocal. Find the number
Proportions Algebra 2


Relationships, direct, indirect

If P is 12 when Q is 6, and if P varies indirectly as Q, what is Q when P is 8
Proportions Ratios


Ratios of marbles

There are 310 red, white, and blue marbles in a jar. The ratio of the marbles are: 5 red to 2 blue, 3 red to 2 white, and 5 white to 3 blue. How many of each color marbles are in the jar?
Proportions Prealgebra


multi step proportions

Tyler is riding his bike from his house to the store, which is 4 miles away. Tyler gets to the store 18 min after he leaves his house. Find tylers speed in miles per minute

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