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Math Problem about decimals

Jane needs to drive 17 miles to work. So far, she has driven 3.1 miles. How many more miles must she drive?


Fair, or Not Fair, that is the Question?

 The Blackman Bears are competing in a grueling 12-mile relay race. Coach Thompson met with the four-member team and gave them the following instructions: Martin will run 25 % of the entire... more
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Help me with this math problem please

Three boys cut out hundredth decimal models.Edward does not shade any of his models.Jeff shades seven tenths of one model.Fred shades two models and three fifths of another model.What decimal... more


z score in statistics

Find the Z score that most closely corresponds to an area of 0.379 on the left.


How much money does Elena need to buy these items

The school store sells pencils for $0.30 each, hats for $14.50 each, and binders for $3.20 each. Elena would like buy 3 pencils, a hat, and 2 binders.


Multiple Choice Probability Math Question

An analyst examining the analytics for her company's web site reports that the probability is 0.07 that a visitor will view the page concerning a newsletter subscription, and 0.04 that a visitor... more


Is 4.3kg greater then 4.33kg?



does adding a zero to a decimal change the value and how you say it?

is 4.56 = to 4.560would you say it the same four and fifty-six hundredths OR WOULD IT BEfour and fifty-six thousandths
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What is the value of 3/8 as a decimal?

0.0113 = X × 10–2 Enter the correct value for X. (please use 4 decimal places in your answer)

I need help answering this. I know x = 1.13 but they want me to use 4 decimal places to answer it? I don't know how to do that.


solve the quadratic equation 3x²+x-5=0 give answers to two decimal places.

 This is just an equation which seams to have more than one ending answer maybe, but the answers need to also be to 2 decimal places.


Write the number fifteen and thirty-three thousandths

don't  know how to start it 


The total rainfall for two days was 12.3 cm. The first day's total was 4.5 less than the second day's. How much rain fell on each day?

The total rainfall for two days was 12.3 cm. the first day's total was 4.5 cm less than the second day's. How much rain fell on each day.


Larry has $2800 to invest and needs $3300 in 20 years

What annual rate of return will he need to get in order to accomplish his goal, if interest is compounded continuously? (Round your answer to two decimals.)


Price of peeled oranges

The peel of an oorange weighs about 1/6 the mass of the whole orange. The cost of six oranges is $4.80. All the oranges were peeled and the fruit was found to weigh 1.6kg. What was the price per... more


What is the decimal equivalent of 1/5 of 1%?

The alternatives are as follows a. 0.2 , b. 0.5 , c. 0.02 and d. 0.002


What is the decimal of 3/4%?

The alternatives are as follows a. 0.0075 b. 7.5  c. 0.075   d. 0.75


how do you read the number 13.0335

how do you read the number 13.0335


How do you round .47 to the ones place?

Would it be 0 since the four is less than 5? Or would the 7 round up the 4 which would then make it 1? 


what is the percentage increase when 260kg is increased to 300kg

corrected to two decimal points  

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