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Division Algebra Fractions


Answer the equation in the shortest way

A woman travels to her friend. She travels by car for 1/4 of the journey. She travels by train for 5/8 of the journey. She walks for the remaining 600 meters of the journey. Find the length of this... more


How do I find the oblique asymptote of this: y= (x-1)^3 / x^2

I tried to use long division but I don’t get how to do it since x2 is not a binomial. I’m also confused about how to divide if the numerator is in brackets and has an exponent. I tried to expand it... more
Division Fractions


One half of an apple pie is left for 5 family members to share equally. What fraction of the original pie will each member get?

there is only one half of the pie left


How to solve this formula?

Use long division to divide. Specify the quotient and the remainder


How to find the quotient and remainder

use synthetic division to find the quotient and remainder
Division Fractions


19/20 as a decimal

my test is tomorrow and I still have trouble dividing fractions (especially with 2 digit numbers) pls helpI still have trouble multiplying and adding sometimes

Word Problem Involving Fractions and Division

A metal rod will be cut into pieces that are each 1/48 meters long. The rod is 3/8 meters long. How many pieces will be made from the rod?

Use long division to divide. Specify the quotient and the remainder. (x2 + 3x − 1) ÷ (x − 1)

Use long division to divide. Specify the quotient and the remainder.(x2 + 3x − 1) ÷ (x − 1)I put {x^2+3x-1) over (x-1} but it was marked incorrect
Division Algebra 1


Division question

X/Y = 143 remainder 6.how do i find the values of x and y?


Write three expressions that are equivalent to 70 over -5

How do I solve this problem regarding parity from my Math Challenge class?

The remainder when the product 1492 x 1776 x 1812 x 1996 is divided by 5 is A. 0B. 1 C. 2 D. 3 E. 4*what's the shortcut to figuring out the answer for problems like this?*


How do I solve this problem regarding divisibility from my Math Challenge class?            

What remainder does the number (-50) leave after division by 7? The answer is 6. Why?


Any reason to use division while finding a percentage?

6960.66 + 4% = 7,239.09I was told this is wrong and I should have done the math like this:6960.66 divided by .96 = 7250.68Why is this? Is the person who is telling me this wrong? I've never... more


use synthetic division calculator f(x)= x^5-11x^4+18x^3-2X-200; find f(2)

Division Elementary Math


What’s the quotient and remainder of 447 divided by 6


Why is division in Ruby returning an integer instead of decimal value?

For example: 9 / 5 #=> 1but I expected `1.8`. How can I get the correct decimal (non-integer) result? Why is it returning `1` at all?


Fraction .He has 24 students and 12 pieces of construction paper. How much paper will each student receive?

He has 24 students and 12 pieces of construction paper. How much paper will each student receive?
Division Prealgebra


I don’t know how to do this

This is the question I’m supposed to answer. 3 farmers agree to share a 65 pound bag of chicken feed equally. How many pounds of feed will each farmer get? I know how to do the division it just... more


Explain how you can use base-ten blocks to find 2.16/3


Division word problem

Manny makes dinner using 1 box of pasta and 1 jar of sauce. If pasta is sold in packages of 6 boxes and sauce is sold in packages if 3 jars, what is the least number of dinners that Manny can make... more

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