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What percentage/amount do I receive out the sales I made?

Not to sound uneducated or anything but I just want to make sure. I kind of forgot how it goes lol.I helped my mother with selling things which resulted to $48.75 and I told her I'm going to get my... more


Question About the Percentage of Japanese Shut-ins.

As of 2019 japan has 613,000 hikikomori (shut ins) in a population of 126,828,923.What percentage (%) of japan are hikikomori?


algerbra homework help needed

how many gallons of 40% antifreeze should be mixed with 10 gallons of 67% antifreeze to obtain a 55% antifreeze mixture?


Percentage of someones life ive known them for

my friend is 7858 days oldI’ve known them for 513 days of their lifewhat is the percentage of their life I’ve known them for


Arithmetic Percentage

The price of the cost coat was $20 it got reduced to$15By how much % ,it reducethanksMay you answer as fast as possible please.


Coin Toss : stats percentage probability

In the group game “Odd-One Out”: All players take out a fair coin, and everyone flips at the same time. If one player (the “odd-one”) receives heads and everyone else receives tails (or... more


Grading a test percentage

If I took a quiz with 37 questions on it and only missed 2 questions what would my grade percentage be?


26.63 is 10% less than what?


If I have a number that is 30% of a final number what do I multiply it by to get the other 70%/grand total

If I have a number that is 30% of a final number what do I multiply it by to get the other 70%/grand total


Simple math word problem

a glucometer to check blood glucose or sugar level costs $86.50 the company offers a $40 rebate. what percent of the cost is the rebate


The air in a room with volume 180m^3

The air in a room with volume 180 m3 contains 0.45% carbon dioxide initially. Fresher air with only 0.05% carbon dioxide flows into the room at a rate of 2 m3/min and the mixed air flows out at the... more


Exponential percentage increase equation

I’d like an equation for the following, and how to work it out on the calculator please!55000 x 10%, + 4000 being added after every period, x 12 periods.i can use an exponential growth calculator... more


Calculate the number of units of gas used. (i) Calculate the percentage increase from 5.5 cents to 7.7 cents.

i am not getting how to solve this..my answer is coming 132 but the answer is 40. I need help.


word problem royal fruit

The Royal Fruit Company produces two types of fruit drinks. The first type is 65% pure fruit juice, and the second type is 90% pure fruit juice. The company is attempting to produce a fruit drink... more


I work for Grubhub and their percentage calculator is a bit weird..

Ok so if93 is the acceptance rate of 13 orders delivered then what is the formula they used to calculate?So if I do 13 orders without missing 1 I would have 100%, but I missed 1 so I got 93%... more


Percentage of percent change

40% of the weight of wet timber is water.How many percentages does the water percentage need to decrease for the water percentage to hit 8%?My calculations get me 80% but my homework answers tell... more


Which of the following represents 0.02%?

a.) 0.02b.) 0.02 out of 100c.) 2 out of 100d.) 2e.) 0.0002f.) 2 out of 1000g.) 0.2 out of 100h.) 2 out of 10,000I have been stuck on this question, the answers I have checked off are A, B, C, and... more


How to evenly spread out 100million

10 people collectively put in $8 each, 7 of those people threw in another $50. They’re trying to split 100 million but don’t know what percent each person getsthe amount/percent 3 people get who... more


how much was invested in each mutual​ fund?

An investor invested a total of ​$2,000 in two mutual funds. One fund earned a 4​% profit while the other earned a 2​% profit. If the​ investor's total profit was ​$74​, how much was invested in... more
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