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High school assignment about investment (basic percentages, but also about econ and finance).

Liam and Ben are two friends who started studying the world of Finance and have different expectations for inflation in the coming years. Liam estimates inflation of 5% per year and Ben estimates... more
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Econ Questions?

The notion that the wealth of a nation is more likely to increase if individuals are allowed to pursue their own self-interest in a market economy was first put forth by:Select an answer and... more
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Algebra question about investment (related to economics and percentage)

I have this school activity, I did do it, but my answers did not match! I would really really appreciate it if you could help me by explaining and giving me the answer. God bless you!John, a... more


Value at Risk - statistics/economics

Sophie is a moderate investor who maintains her portfolio of U$50,000.00 with an average daily return of 0.1% and a daily standard deviation of 1.2%.Under these conditions, the maximum daily loss... more


Monthly inflation rate (basic percentage)

The Central Bank's Bulletin, on 07/12/2021, projected inflation for 2021 at 6.11%. If inflation in the months of January to June 2021 were:January: 0.25% February: 0.86% March: 0.93% April: 0.31%... more



Rita puts $10000 into two different assets. The first pays $10, and the second handpays 5%. According to the rule of 70, what is the approximate difference in the valueof the two assets after 14... more


advanced microeconomics

Explain if the interest elasticity of investment demand is zero. What will be the resulting slop of IS schedule?


1. An economy has full-employment output, Y, of 6,000. Government purchases, G, are 1,200. Desired consumption and desired investment are:

1. An economy has full-employment output, Y, of 6,000. Government purchases, G, are 1,200. Desired consumption and desired investment are:Cd = 3600 – 2000r + 0.1YId = 1200 – 4000rwhere Y is output... more


1.Suppose a firm’s hourly marginal product of labor is given by MPN = A (200 – N)

1. Suppose a firm’s hourly marginal product of labor is given by MPN = A (200 – N)a) If A = 0.2 and the real wage rate is $10 per hour, how much labor will the firm want to hire? b) Suppose the... more
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if government considered the market price too high

if government considered the market price too high and passed a law setting the maximum price at $3, what would you expect to be likely result of this intervention?


Question about labor fource

If employment is 20,000,000 and unemployment is 3,000,000 then the labour force is:?A)230,000,000B)17,000,000C)3%D)none of the other options
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What is this country's Gross Domestic Product?

Question : Let's say that a country produces the following products: 5 Dust Mop Slippers at a price of $10 each; 8 Toilet Shaped Water Bowls for Dogs at a price of $25 each.10 Automatic Spaghetti... more


The aggregate supply and aggregate demand model

The organization of petroleum exporting countries decide to restrict the production of oil causing an adverse supply shock. What happens to an importing country’s price level and income in the... more
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Foreign-owned businesses and exports (disadvantage of international trade) Please Help

1.Why do foreign-owned businesses do not enjoy the benefits associated with exporting?
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Differences between Classical Fiscal Policy and Keynesian Fiscal Policy?



Macroeconomic Questions with fixed exchange rate system

Under a fixed exchange rate system (A)_________ would be an exogenous monetary policy instrument, whereas under a flexible exchange rate system (B) ______________ would be an endogenous... more


Macroeconomics Answer Needed!

Using the macroeconomic model for a small open economy studied, analyze the impact of the following event on Canadian savings, investment, exchange rate and trade balance in the Canadian... more
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AP Macro Question Pls Help!

In a paragraph, explain what the balance of payments is and how current account surpluses and deficits work and how they impact the balance of payments. Give an example illustrating a scenario... more
Macroeconomics Ppf Curve


Consider the PPF for clean air and automobile travel

Explain why unregulated air pollution in automobile would push a country inside its PPF. Illustrate your discussion with a carefully drawn PPF for these two goods, clean air and automobile travel


Economics and Inflation Rates

The equilibrium interest rate in Canada is 8%. Canada is a small open economy. The interest rate in the U.S. is 4%. Now suppose that the interest rate in the U.S. rises to 6%. What can explain this... more


State and explain which country has the comparative advantage in producing smart phones.

Table shows the production of smart phones and hybrid cars for Japan and South Korea without international trade.  Country Smart phones (units) Hybrid cars (units) Japan 90 130 South... more


Macroeconomics help

A​ variable-rate mortgage of ​$140,000 is amortized over 20 years by equal monthly payments. After 12 months the original interest rate of 8​% compounded semi-annually was raised to 8.8​%... more
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Macroeconomics help pls

Western Pipelines pays $280 at the beginning of every quarter for using a tract of land. What should the company offer the property owner as a purchase price if interest is 5.3​% compounded... more


I need help with math for socialsciences

Firm’s total cost function is of the form of TC=2Q + 14 (i.e., a firm’s fixed costs are 14 and the variable costs are 2 per unit). The corresponding profit function is of the form 𝜋 = AQ2 + 𝛽Q + F... more

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