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What would the equilibrium graphs look like?

what would the possible graphs look like for this article? i don't know how to graph them or label... more


Equilibrium GDP is $200 billion. Potential GDP is $100 billion. The PAE = 40 +0.8(GDP). To close the output gap, the government needs to implement a(n)_fiscal policy. The government should_taxes by_.

a. contractionary. increase. $30 billion b. expansionary. decrease. $30 billion c. expansionary. increase. $25 billion d. contractionary. increase. $25 billion


What are the goals of fiscal policy

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What is the present worth of the depreciation tax held?

Company A purchases $200,000 of equipment in year zero. It decides to use straight-line depreciation over the expected 20 years life of the equipment. The interest rate is 14%. If its average tax... more
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What are the shortcomings of gross domestic product as a measure of all economic activity in a country?

What are the shortcomings of gross domestic product as a measure of all economic activity in a country?


How do you calculate nominal GDP if you know the real GDP and price level?

If real GDP increased 2% this year and the price level increased 4% this year, how much did nominal GDP increase this year?
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NAFTA effects between the U.S. and Mexico

From 2010- present, Who won the trade and who lost. What were the effects of trade relationship between the U.S. and Mexico – emphasis is given to import- export activities between the two... more


A bank currently has $70,000 in transaction deposits, $6,000 in cash in the vault, $12,000 on deposit with the Fed, and $7,000 in government securities. The required reserve ratio is 20 percent.

What is the maximum amount the money supply can increase, assuming this bank is the only bank in the system that has excess reserves?What are the actual reserves, required reserves, excess... more



Assume an open, mixed economy. That is, foreign trade is part of the economy, and the economy includes both a public (government) and a private (consumers and businesses) sector. Given this,... more


Answer true or false, with a brief explanation.

Answer true or false, with a brief explanation.1. Monopolies are always bad for consumers.2. The supply curve of a monopolist is upward sloping.3. Monopolies charge the highest price a consumer is... more


Finding the New Level of Quantity Demanded

Consider the following hypothetical market. The equilibrium price is $10 and the equilibrium quantity is 20 units. The own-price elasticity of demand is -0.5 and the own-price elasticity of supply... more


True or False question

TRUE OR FALSE-If the government imposes a price ceiling on a particular good that is too low, then the likely outcome of this action will be the surplus of this good on the market. On the other... more


Why might per capita GDP be only an imperfect measure of a country's standard of living?

Limitations of GDP as a measure of the standard of living
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How to read a labor market graph

What is the equilibrium price and quantity in a market for labor hours where: Demand = W = 12 – q/100,000and Supply = W = 6 + q/100,000


Demand and Supply Curve

The table to the right provides demand and supply schedules for natural gas. Price is given per thousand cubic feet and quantities are in billion cubic feet.a) Use the info in the table to derive... more


Using the Ad/AS model, explain why stock prices rise when there's talk of a vaccine for Covid-19

Using the Ad/AS model, explain why stock prices rise when there's talk of a vaccine for Covid-19 and they fall when the number of cases spikes higher. Hint: stock prices are not a variable in our... more


homework help please

Find the amount of money that would be created in the banking system because of the money multiplier if the required reserve ratio is 6%, and a bank that had been holding $550 as excess reserves... more


Which of the following could be potential solutions to the liquidity trap?

Choose all Correct Answers:The Federal Reserve could increase the money supply.The government conduct expansionary Fiscal PolicyThe Federal Reserve could conduct quantitative easing.The Federal... more
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Macroeconomics open economy

Suppose the exchange rate between the British pound and the U.S. dollar is £1 = $1.50. a.) Draw a graph showing the demand and supply of pounds for dollars. (y-axis: price of pounds, dollars per... more


Suppose that we have the following behaviour equation C=100 + 0.75 (Y-T); t=50-25t; g=50, t=50. Money demand: M-p=Y-100i (instead of m/p. I write the demand curve in M-P for convenient calculation.

Money supply; M=100P=P+Y-625, where P is the expected price. a. Solve for the medium run equilibrium output Y and interest rat I and price level P. b. suppose in 2017, the economy is initially in... more


Find the first and second derivatives of M with respect to X

 M = 9X4 - 12 X 9 + 25 X Y Z + 50


Express your opinion on how you would feel about government regulation and intervention on your own monopolistic firm.

After identifying a monopoly you are now an acting owner of a monopolistic firm. Express your opinion on how you would feel about government regulation and intervention on your own monopolistic... more
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