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Do you think the United States should employ more protectionism or less? Why ?

What do you think the end result would be

Multiple choice question

1.     What circumstance would cause the Production Possibility Curve to shift outwards? a.     More Labor  b.     Better technology c.      Specialization and Trade  d.     All of the... more

Given the information below, calculate the unemployment rate in Country Z.

• Total population: 50 million • Population aged 15–65 years: 35 million • Number of people employed: 25 million


Who is winning the tariff war?

The present US Government has create tariffs that specially affect the Chinese imports.Has been those tariffs beneficial for the US? Has the country a better trade balance? What happens with the... more


A possible recession?

Some media are talking about a possible, future recession in the US.Which are the economic indicators that you need to analyze to determine if that information is true or not?


Negative interest rates in the US

If the future the US interest rates are negative, what is going to happen Consumption Investment and Government expenses? Are those negative interest rates help the GDP growth or... more


The tools of health economics are irrelevant to emerging economies’ health systems because: pick one right answer from the following

a.Government necessarily plays a huge role there since so many citizens are poorb.They just need to worry about infectious disease for the next 10 years.c Health economics is only useful when... more


Is it possible to eliminate the U.S. national debt?


Causes of income inequality in the US?

I read an article in BusinessWeek that talked about income inequality in the US.The article attributed the difference to the Intel chip that came in 1971. Since that time big hi-tech companies have... more


How interest rate affects currency?

I am quite new to economics. I was reading about changes in interest rates and its effect on currency value. The fact is as interest rates increases, the currency value also increases and vice... more


The United States' position on the Laffer Curve?

According to a 2012 IGM panel (cf. reference below), most experts believe that a federal income tax cut would lead to a higher GDP in five years, ceteris paribus. Is this effect purely Keynesian,... more


Has the world become poorer?

This question is not backed by serious economic research but mainly by a very simple attempt to look at how the world economy has changed.I am asking whether and why the world has, over the past 50... more


Calculating rate of growth of per capita income?

Given this question:National income is increasing by 1.5% a year and population by 2.5% a year. What is the rate of growth of per capita income?Attempt: Since per capita income is GDP/ population.... more


Where are the payments for export in the balance of payment?

I know that when we sell some goods abroad, we credit Goods&Services part within Trade balance, which is a part of Current Account.What part of the Financial Account is debited with the sum... more


Unemployment and the Frisch-Elasticity?

There is the long debate on the Frisch-Elasticity being the driver of unemployment over the business cycle.One argument against the voluntary-unemployment mechanism of RBC models is that if we... more


Calculating nominal GDP?

I would like to understand one detail of how nominal GDP of a country in a given year is calculated. It seems to me that the GDP in each country is first calculated in the national currency and... more


What would happen if the world switched to a single currency?

What would happen if all countries suddenly stopped using local currencies and adopted a global currency (like the Euro, but for everyone)?


What are the most used approximations in economics?

As I progress in my self-study, I'm tired of having to search for several different approximations techniques used in economic textbooks. Sometimes the authors don't even tell the reader they are... more


Research at the county-level: Macro or Micro?

Is research at the county-level considered applied micro or applied micro? The standard undergrad definitions (**"micro" = "individual"**, **"macro" = "nation"**) are of no help with units of... more
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