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Basic Math Math


Please help im not understanding this...

A solid with straight edges has 8edges and 5 vertices. Find the number of faces of the solid usingthe Euler's relationship.A. 13B. 3C. 5D. 11​

word problems! ( elementary math)

Kevin ran 6/7 miles and his brother James ran 10 miles. How many miles did the two of them run?​

Basic math fractions!

Joseph had 3 gallons of lemonade. He wanted to give each of his 1/8friends of a gallon. How many friends would receive lemonade?​


Fractions problem! (5th grade math fractions)

Joseph had 3 gallons of lemonade. He wanted to give each of his 1/8friends of a gallon. How many friends would receive lemonade?​


Minimum amount of material for a cylinder

A cylinder storage tank holds 1900 ft3 of gasoline. Determine the minimum amount of material needed to build this tank. Start by stating the dimensions of a cylinder that will allow for minimum... more
Basic Math Probability Basic Que.


Probability question

Que. URN 1 contains 2 red and 4 Blue balls, urn 2 contains 10 red and 2 Blue Balls. if an URN is chosen at random and a ball is removed from the chosen urn, what is the probability that the... more


Question on probability

Que. How many 5-man squads could be chosen from a company of 20 men?
Basic Math Probability


Question on probability

Quen: In a pharmaceutical study, two drugs (A and B) and a placebo are to be compared for effects. Fifty people are to be used in the study, of whom 20 are to receive drug A, 20 receive drug B, and... more
Basic Math Probability


A problem on probability

Quen: Given a box with 2 25-watt, 3 40-watt, and 4 100-watt bulbs, in how many ways could 3 bulbs be selected from the box?(A). How many of these selections of three bulbs would include both... more
Basic Math Statistics Probability


Probability question

Quen: Given a set of 15 points in a plane, how many lines would necessary to connect all possible pairs of points?
Basic Math Probability Maths


Basic quen on probability

Quen: An ant farm contains both red and black ants. A particular passage in the farm is so narrow that only 1 ant can get through at a time. If 4 ants follow each other through the passage, how... more
Basic Math Math


Write the following comparison as a ratio reduced to lowest terms.

Write the following comparison as a ratio reduced to lowest terms.33 nickels to 13 dimes
Basic Math Algebra 1 Geometry


Geometry and Algebra 1 Introduction

How can I draw a triangle with whole number side lengths and a hypotenuse of 10 units.
Basic Math Math


Two pools are being filled with water.

The first pool contains 931 liters of water and second pool contains 1300 liters of water. Water is being added to the first pool at a rate of 31.5 liters per minute. And the second pool at a rate... more
Basic Math Common Core


John simplified the expression below incorrectly. Shown below are the steps that John took. Identify and explain the error in John’s work.

3 + (-15) ÷ (3) + (-8)(2) −12 ÷ (3) + (−8)(2) -4 + 16 12
Basic Math Elementary Math


What is the probability that both marbles are yellow

A jar contains a total of 16 marbles 7 yellow, 4 red, 5 blue. You randomly select 2 marbles with replacement


From a group of 5 Business students and 7 Hospitality students, a committee of 5 members is to be formed to discuss plans for the exhibit. How many committees can be formed given each condition?

a. All are Hospitality students b. 3 are Business students c. At most 2 are Business students


Finding the price per gallon of each paint

A merchant has two kinds of paint. If 9 gal of the inexpensive paint is mixed with 7 gal of the expensive paint, the mixture will be worth $19.70 per gallon. If 3 gal of the inexpensive paint is... more
Basic Math Math


If a kilogram is equal is approximately 2.2 pounds which of a following is the best approximation of the number of kilograms in one pound ?

If a barrel has the capacity to hold 75 gallons, how many gallons does it contains when it is 3/5 full?
Basic Math Algebra 1


A woman earns $600 for her first 40 hours in a week and then is paid one and one half times

A woman earns $600 for her first 40 hours of work in week and then is paid one-and one half times her regular rate for any additional hours, how many must she work to make $690 in a week?
Basic Math Geometry


logical mathematics

Im planning to drive my car through a desert on a circular route(which does not intersect itself).At various places on the route there are fuel depots combined will fuel the car for at least the... more
Basic Math Prealgebra


Express algebraically

how do I work this out on paper?5 more than x

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