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Multiplying percents?

If there are 39900000 flowers, how many are blue at 1.8% and how many are dotted at 11.5%, how many are blue and dotted?


Questions about percents

A friend has a 80% average before the final exam for a course. That score includes everything but final, which counts for 15% of the grade. What is the best course grade for your friend to earn?... more


7 is 25% of what number?

how do you solve this problume


Math problems need help

Jerome bought a pair of shoes for $61.49 including tax. The shoes had a sticker price of $57.20 what percent sales tax did he pay  Can you tell me the answer


If 75 grams is 75%, what formula do you use to get 100%?


Percents Study question

Tom has already read 30% of the book. he is considering two options to finish the book. option 1- read 15% of the remaining pages each night. Or... option 2- read 20 pages each night. which option... more


Mr Osmond bought a computer that cost 2500$ How much did he pay for the computer if the sales tax was 7%

I am in 6th grade and I have lots of troubles understanding percents. Please Help


There are 12 boys and 13 girl in math class. What percent of the class is boys?

I need to answer this question for 6th grade math and I'm stuck! I also need to show work.


Simple interest

Thang decided about $2000 from his local bank to pay for car his loan is for three years at a simple interest rate of 7% how much interest will thang  pay


Percent question

How many gallons of 5% ethanol gasoline must be mixed with how many gallons of 12% ethanol gasoline to get 700 gallons of 10% ethanol?


Step by step process on how to set this up, then I'm sure I can handle the rest.

Four exams contribute to 75% of your final grade. Assume you score a 64% on the first exam, a 72% on the second, and 84% on the third. What would you have to score on your fourth exam to guarantee... more


Oliva is 12 years old and her grand father is 80 what percent of her grandfather she is olivia

For math pls help I'm stuck


8 pounds plus 30 percent

I have a math test and it said that a baby was born and was eight pounds and now it increased by thirty percent. What is it’s current weight? 


How much more does Siobhan make..

James, priya, and siobhan work in a grocery store. James makes $7.00 per hour priya makes 40% more than James and siobhan makes 5% less then priya. How much does siobhan make per hour? 


Mae ling earns a weekly salary of $360 plus a 5.5% commission on sales at a gift shop. How much would she make in...

Mae ling earns a weekly salary of $360 plus a 5.5% commission on sales at a gift shop. How much would she make in a work week if she sold 4,200 worth of merchandise? 
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