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Big Ideas Online 10.5

You randomly choose one of the tiles. Without replacing the first tile, you choose a second tile. What is the probability of the compound event? Write your answer as a fraction or percent rounded... more
Percents Math Probability


Multiple Choice Probability Question

From a random sample of 1000 Washington adults, it is discovered that there is a probability of 62% that a person drinks alcohol on a regular basis. The given probability is an example of... more
Percents Math Statistics


Probablility Math

According to the American Red Cross, about 45% of individuals have type O blood. Suppose we take a random sample of 6 individuals. a. What is the probability that none of the 6 individuals have... more


percents in math

Juana baked 150 cookies for the bake sale and ate 10% of them. How many cookies did Juana eat?
Percents Algebra 2


Calculate the markup only: amplifier $100; 135% markup



A local little league has a total of 90 players, of whom 80% are right-handed.How many right-handed players are there?

I need help find 80% of 90.
Percents Prealgebra


Multiplying percents?

If there are 39900000 flowers, how many are blue at 1.8% and how many are dotted at 11.5%, how many are blue and dotted?
Percents Prealgebra


Questions about percents

A friend has a 80% average before the final exam for a course. That score includes everything but final, which counts for 15% of the grade. What is the best course grade for your friend to earn?... more
Percents Math


7 is 25% of what number?

how do you solve this problume


Math problems need help

Jerome bought a pair of shoes for $61.49 including tax. The shoes had a sticker price of $57.20 what percent sales tax did he pay  Can you tell me the answer
Percents Math Prealgebra


Linda paid $48 for a jacket that was on sale for 25% of the original price. What was the original price of the jacket?

Please help I'm very stuck on this one!
Percents Prealgebra


If 75 grams is 75%, what formula do you use to get 100%?



Percents Study question

Tom has already read 30% of the book. he is considering two options to finish the book. option 1- read 15% of the remaining pages each night. Or... option 2- read 20 pages each night. which option... more


Mr Osmond bought a computer that cost 2500$ How much did he pay for the computer if the sales tax was 7%

I am in 6th grade and I have lots of troubles understanding percents. Please Help
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