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Was FDR elected 4 times

Can someone please help me with this History question I've really been struggling with?

This question has to do with "Dangers Threatening the Republic" by Charles Carroll. What are two aspects of the revolution in France that would make support for it a danger to the new American... more


Can someone please help me with this? I really need the help.

In his "Speech in the Virginia Convention," Patrick Henry proposes that America must fight the British. Can you identify four specific arguments he uses in support of his proposal and explain... more


Would you rather have lived in Washington in 1806 or in 1853?


Would someone be so kind and please help me with this question?

In George Washington's "Farewell Address," what are three of the instructions that Washington gives to the American people?I've read the "Farewell Address" many times, but I really don't know how... more


Describe the history of the concept of popular culture and indicate why it is important for the study of religion.

Requirements: 2 paragraphs of 250 words


Analyze how virtual pilgrimages are similar/different to non-virtual pilgramages.

Requirement: 2 paragraphs 250 words


Provide a definition of syncretism and indicate how it helps us understand religion.

Requirement: 2 paragraphs of 250 words


Describe how third-wave feminism changed perceptions about gender and sex

Requirement: write around 250 words

Why was there a list of Forbidden books?

Why was there a list of Forbidden books?Counter Reformation


Abraham Lincoln thought slavery was immoral and evil.

History Film


Please help me think of topics!!!

In normal text, these are the directions I was given...The dilemma I have is choosing a topic, I have not idea what I should pick.... I emailed my teacher asking about the Trial of Chicago 7 and he... more


Why did King Henry VIII separate the Church of England from the Catholic Church?

Why did King Henry VIII separate the Church of England from the Catholic Church?

Hello can you please help me in those questions I really need them

What is the name of the Ism or Political Party?            2Where does the Ism or Political Party sit on the political party spectrum?3 For Isms - What are three foundational ideologies that each... more
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Which two sentences from the story best support the idea that Olly is not useful to Pops?

The story is Ted's Champion"

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