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Help me write a letter please

Imagine you live in Europe in 1848. Write a letter to a friend, stating your political position—conservative, liberal, or radical. Express your feelings about the uprisings and the future of Europe.
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America Self government culture

How is the KKK related and influenced by American’s self government culture 
Us History English World History


KKK nativism culture

How is the KKK related and influenced by American nativism culture 
Us History English World History


American culture

How is the KKK related and influenced by American racism culture?
Us History English History


Influence of white supremacy

Where is white supremacy mostly influenced with some detail
Us History History


How do you explain how, after over 70 years of campaigning for suffrage, women were finally granted the right to vote in 1920?

I need some big ideas so I can get a starting point. Are there any specific topics around this time that relates to this that I can talk about?
Us History


why was slavery not high on the agenda at the constustional convention

Us History


The Europeans treated the native Americans really well, allowing them to continue living the way they had been

Is it a true or false statement



The No Child Left Behind Act was a grant program enacted in 2002 that directed testing elementary and secondary students in math and reading proficiency. This act required states to create, fund,... more
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History problem ( please help I’m so stuck)

How did the Monroe Doctrine demonstrate the increased presence of the United States in the world? {please describe in a few sentences I need lots of info to comprehend}
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whats the reason for the panama canal

Us History Algebra 1 Spanish


Wyzant Does Not Allow Me To Apply for Qualified Jobs

To Whom It May Concern,My name is Donovan M. I am approved by Wyzant to teach online as well as by traveling. I am approved in Spanish, Geography, U.S. History, TOEFL, and Algebra 1.I recently... more


Election in the US

Dear Sir or Madam,I am a foreign student, who try to understand the US politics and laws.Now, I think that I understand the most of the politics here. But I am totally lost at the election... more
Us History Law Political Science


The Judicial Branch of the US Government

Dear Sir or Madam,I am a foreign student and I try to learn the US laws & politics. There aresome points which I do not understand or I am not sure that I understand that clearly.which is the... more
Us History American History


Discuss the impact of the Civil War on the federal government

Us History American History


A Time of Upheaval

A Time of UpheavalIs there a single person or event you think exemplifies the changing US society of the 1960s and 1970s? Explain your choice and why you chose it. Or, explain why you think no... more
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