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Is it a general principle that federal contractors have to follow the same rules as the U.S. Government?

House Republicans just passed the Maloney amendment, which supports President Obama's Executive Order 13672. For those who don't know, that executive order states that the federal government is... more

Revolutions: which side does the nation's military join?

Historically, when there has been a notably significant revolution to overthrow the standing government, does the military typically defend the government or join the revolutionists?

Was the United States meant to be a confederation of states?

I read the Constitution, and, if I recall correctly, no members of the Federal government were to be elected by the common people according to the original documents. Governors, however, were... more

How is a budget surplus different from a negative GDP to debt percentage ratio, and does the latter automatically result in the former?

I understand the question may come across broad, I am new to government economics, but I am looking for a somewhat textbook answer. I hope you can make a rational guess, if the question seems odd,... more

What is the real role of the queen in UK in these days?

What is the role in the government or social of this Queen in UK in these days?

How does the UK welfare system compare with other wealthy European nations?

Many citizens of the UK believe that the government are too much of a "soft touch", and that it is too easy to claim state welfare for a multitude of reasons (disability, housing, childcare, job... more

Do federal agencies ever spend more than is appropriated?

I assume that most bank transfers in government are done by a fairly low level employee writing a check or transfer. What if an agency spends more than is allocated? Will their checks bounce? How... more

What are the arguments made in favor of a minority government over majority government and vice versa?

What are the arguments made in favor of a minority government over majority government and vice versa? I've heard majority is better because they typically last longer, but I don't see why this is... more

What's my change power in a democratic society?

How can I, even in a small way, can fight against politicians who vote for the growth of their own wage or even the corruption? It seems we're in a well organized society and that everybody is... more

Titles for US public figures?

It appears that it is customary in the US to continue to refer to prominent public figures by the title they previously held, e.g. President Obama, Secretary Clinton etc. I understand that this is... more

Are there countries where a group is elected instead of a single leader?

I mostly know about the French government and a couple of European ones. In all cases, you vote for a single leader (President, Prime minister, ...), which then forms his government by choosing... more

Can infrastructure building be sped up?

I was watching road construction and it seemed to me like adding more trucks wouldnt help the problem. The trucks were just backed up because only one could work on each lane. Adding more trucks in... more

How does a minority government work in the UK?

In light of the exit polling, it looks like the UK will have a hung Parliament. In the event that no coalition/working relationship deal is made, am I correct in thinking that the country is then... more

Why are US cabinet ministers called secretaries?

The members of the US cabinet are called secretaries. Why it is so? In what other countries besides the US and pre-WWII USSR ministers were called by a different word (in the USSR they were... more

What is the difference between a socialist, a democratic socialist and a social democrat?

What are the primary differences between socialism, democratic socialism and social democracy? Are they simply three branches of a the same ideology? Primarily in theory, but if you can give any... more

Does all private land in the US trace its origin to a US government patent?

I just wonder if all private land in the US traces its origin to a patent, or if the patents were established on property people already owned on the frontier as the governed area expanded, so the... more

What is the importance and value of centralized government?

What can a centralized government do that an "uncentralized" government (like that of the United States under the Articles of Confederation) cannot do, concerning trade, taxes, defense, and the... more

How can the Senate remove the majority leader?

If the senate majority leader is refusing to do his job, can the other Senators vote to expel him or force a vote for new leadership?

Why aren't authoritarian governments overthrown sooner?

On my point of view is pretty simple to overthrow an authoritarian government. You just have to gather a lot of people in the smallest area possible (where the leader is located). Further actions... more

What is Hong Kong's form of government?

The Chief Executive is the head of the government in Hong Kong, but he/she is not publicly voted for, but rather is chosen by an election committee. In some ways, this is like a democracy, but in... more

Is it possible for an established democratic country to directly switch to a monarchy?

Say, a country has well-established democratic doctrines and principles. Is it **practically** possible for that country to directly switch to a monarchy? By practical, I mean the country must last... more
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