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Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto stated, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Write an essay illustrating how the above quote demonstrates... more

When a member chooses to “cross the aisle,” he or she is __________.

a. opting to run for reelection in the other house of Congress b. switching his or her party affiliation for future votes c. changing his or her party affiliation for future elections d. selecting... more

Congress under the “necessary and proper” clause has __________.

a. expanded the role of the national government relative to that of the states b. increased the powers of the state governments at the expense of Congress’ powers c. limited their own ability to... more


URGENT HELP, The economic concept of choice Question

If a country has a shortage of a particular product, and the business relies on the manufacturing overseas but there has been consistent delays for it, and then decides to make the products locally... more
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T or F- there is only one Bantu language today

i need help on this. i have tryed to look it up but found nothing.


Control of Foreign Operations Question - Cultural & Awareness (Please Help)

I'm confused about the idea/concept of, control of foreign operations, can one explain please? When would a company would have to learn more about a country's culture, of say for example, a company... more


How does significant investments/government subsides hurt union members and U.S. taxpayers?

How does significant investments/government subsides hurt union members and U.S. taxpayers? Please explain, thank you.


Doing Business in China Question

Why is having local representation key when doing business in China? Please explain.


Cultural Intelligence, International Business Question

1.Please explain the concept of cultural intelligence and why it’s important when doing international business.


What is subculture/immigrant subculture?

What is subculture and immigrant subculture? Give some examples.How do immigrant communities exist as subcultures?


Social Study Assignment

Hi there! I need to watch the video and answer the following questions. The problem is that the video does not have any caption and I'm struggling with it. I'm a new English learner so I need... more


Why are social reform movements an important part of a democratic society?

Please answer in 3 complete sentences it will be very much appreciated may god bless.


Why does President Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be honored on our $20 bill?

Please give 3 sentences it will be very much appreciated. Thank you and may God bless.


Discuss Ronald Reagan's strategy for waging the Cold War. What were his goals? What means did he use to pursue them? How successful was he in achieving his goals?

Thank you for taking your time to answer this question, have a nice rest of your day/night!

The Bill of Rights limits the power of __________. ??? Is it A ? but then i also think its b ?

a. the government over the rights and liberties of individuals b. the national government over the rights of the states c. state governments over the inherent powers of the national... more


How Communism Destroyed Feudalism

How did Communism Destroyed Feudalism In Poland 1945


Abraham Lincoln and black soldiers and the Civil War

The Civil War had arguably the largest impact of any event in our nation’s past. However, the war affected America’s diverse peoples in different ways. In the following essay describe how Abraham... more


Events leading to Civil War

Historians have identified several key events that pushed the North and the South into Civil War. In the following essay, list those events and explain why they collectively led Americans to fight... more


Vietnam War: What was the nature of the conflict in Vietnam? What misconceptions about the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong's military capabilities and willingness to fight?

Question: What was the nature of the conflict in Vietnam? What misconceptions about the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong's military capabilities and willingness to... more


Westward Expansion:Manifest Destiny of American Conquest

Should Westward Expansion be defended as Manifest Destiny or criticized as an American Conquest? Or, is it somewhere in between? Explain your answer.


Andrew Jackson Presidency

With out a doubt the presidency of Andrew Jackson directly shaped the lives of most Americans. In the following essay, describe how Jackson’s presidency affected you if you were a Northern... more


War of 1812 and Francis Scott Keys

Historians generally call the War of 1812 “the Forgotten War.” In the following essay, discuss how American got into the War of 1812, describe how it played out, explain why America considered it a... more


Federalists and Thomas Jefferson

Historians refer to Thomas Jefferson as “one of those dead white guys who should not be forgotten.” In the following essay, explain why the Federalists worried when Jefferson was elected... more

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