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Engineering Computing


Design a logic circuit

Design a logic circuit to multiply two, 2-bit binary numbers together that produce a 4-bit result Y3Y2Y1Y0 . The numbers are represented by expressions A1A0 and B1B0 (A1 and B1 represent the Most... more


what statistical questions would you advise to use in the survey for the research?

Situation:You are assigned to be a researcher for a local construction firm. The company is targeting 4 different places to construct subdivisions.

Computer coding

What does this function do? float function(int x) { float result = 0.0; float sign = 1.0  for (int n = 1; n <x;n = n + 2) { result = result + sign / n; } return 4.0 *... more

Float function (computer coding)

What does this function do? float function(int n) { float result = 1.0; float factor = 1.0 + 1.0 / n for (int i = 0; i <n; ++i) { result = result * factor } return... more

Computer coding ex question

Refer to the loop starting at line 003. If the function is called with a 2 digit decimal number, how many times will the while loop execute? 001 unsigned int bitCount (int value) { 002 unsigned... more

Computer coding hw question

What sort of runtime error will occur when this program is run? void countdown () {   int i = 100;     int n = 5;   while (i > 0) { i = i -n; n = n / -1; print (i + n) ; Divide by... more


Nanopatterned physical  surface  coating strategy on Ti-based

Plan a nanopatterned physical  surface  coating strategy on Ti-based alloy implant to have the coating thickness is below than 1 micrometer.ii) Explain the working principle of surface modification... more
Engineering Biology Microbiology Cell


cell proliferation and cell differentiation

Explain the relationship between cell proliferation and cell differentiation. What is dedifferentiation? Please give an example ofdedifferentiation issue in cell culture... more


Chemical engineering project

What are some household items that can be used to create plastic polymers? I have this project for school that assigns me to create a polymer made from a chemical reaction but I'm stuck on ideas... more

circular motion question

A 67 gram coin sits on a horizontally rotating turntable. The turntable makes 1.7 revolution each second. The coin is located 10 cm from the axis of rotation of the turntable. The coin will slide... more


Coefficient of Static Friction Physics Problem

A box that weighs 50 N is pulled by a force of 10 N. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the ground is 0.5. Describe what will happen to the box? Will it start moving? Will it... more


Moving Elevator Physics Problem

An elevator is suspended by a cable and the elevator weighs 5500 N. The elevator moves upward with an acceleration of 4 m/s2. Find the tension in the supporting cable. * Use 10 m/s2 for the... more


In what year did Charles Proteus Steinmetz fix Ford's Generator for the famed $10,000 invoice?

[Charles Proteus Steinmetz](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Proteus_Steinmetz) is the protagonist of an interesting tale [about fixing a generator at Ford's... more
Engineering English Vocabulary Grammar


What is the origin of the word, "tribology"?


Can i study m.sc in aeronotics after b.sc in Physics?

Currently I am studying b.sc in physics which doesn't include any course over aeronotics or aeronotical engineering but iam very much egar to study aeronotics,so i want to study aeronotics in... more


what's the ratio 15 feet to 1.46 inches

It's for measuring a floor plan print that is dimensioned in inches and plotted out on a F-size paper. when I measure a roll-up door on the floor plan, it measures 1.46 inches even the the... more

you are given a motor operated by a 9V battery....

For all the questions below, you are given a motor operated by a 9V battery. The stall torque for this motor is Ts = 0.04 N-m, and its no-load speed, wnl = 2200 rpm. 1. Draw the torque vs. speed... more
Engineering Maths


How do you know when to use an augmented matrix?

Bit confused please can someone clarify. 
Engineering Maths


When should you use Gauss-Jordan method to find inverse? Does the determinant only tell you whether there is an inverse?

Mathematical engineering. I don't understand lol.
Engineering Air Resistance


Is there such thing as a one way valve that can move pressurised air from one cylinder to another?

I just need the name of the part if it exists or a link would be appreciated 


How long will it take to empy the retention pond?

Three pumps are used to empty retention Pond holding an unknown amount of water. If pump 1 can empty the pond in 4 days, pump 2 can empty the pond in 10 days, and Pump 3 can empty the pond and 5... more
Engineering Science Chemistry Physics


Solve chemical reaction for temperature of exothermic reaction (thermite)

Hi there, I I have a question about Physics/ chemistry.If I have a bag of iron oxide(lll) and powdered aluminium in the ratio of 3:1 totalling 72g, with 54g being Fe2O3 and 18g of 2Al, what would... more
Engineering Maths


Maths problem

the resistace R of a wire is directly proportional to its length. If R=40mohms for a wire 10 cm long , find the resistance R in mohms : a) when the length decreases to 6cm b) when the length... more

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