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What is the ancient Greeek word for the language "Aramaic"?

I found this Greek word: " Ἑβραΐς " which translates as "Hebrew". But I want to know what the ancient word for "Aramaic" would have been around 1900 years ago. They were two different languages,... more


How did the Spartans view children

How did the spartans see their children in the making of spartan soldiers


what requirements were placed upon the Greek city states because of Philip and Alexander's conquests?

please help asap! please be very detailed and clear with the answer


what did an ancient Greek city state include?

 about greece before alexander


Macedonian leader who conquered Greece after peloponnesian Wars

The leader of Macedonia during ancient Greece times who conquered Greece after peloponnesian Wars. Alexander the Great's father is the person but what was his name.


Changes in Ancient Sculptor style question!

I know from a certain time period in Egyptian and early Greek sculptures the style had changed to more natural and realistic, why? What changes in thinking might the change of style reflect? 

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