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Germans - Is it cultural appropriation or cosplay?

Well, if a Caucasian American were to dress as the German mythological creature the Rasslebock (similar to but distinct from the US's Jackalope), would it be cultural appropriation or disrespectful... more
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Evil halves in folklore/mythology

I'm researching the literature trope of a character's evil half manifesting (most notably Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and I was wondering if there are any tales from mythology/folklore surrounding the... more
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How to write a convincing religious myth?

In my story the protagonist hears, in a temple ceremony, the reading of a religious/mythological text. Now in the actual story, I don't need the text itself (the role of the text in context, and... more
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Discuss in detail: Concepts of Mos maiorum (“the concept of the ancestor”s), pietas & lares familiaris (household gods).

Discuss in detail: Concepts of Mos maiorum (“the concept of the ancestor”s), pietas & lares familiaris (household gods).


Tech related to mythology

I need to know a piece of technology (space flight, computers, phones, etc.) that either shares a name or quality with a mythological character or story


Are there creatures in Mesopotamian Mythology that are kind to humans (like greek Dryads and Naiads), and if possible, are also humanoid? thanks

I need it for a story, and I don't want to fall into the norms, using the normal "nice creatures" from already well-known mythologies. Thanks again.


Is there a bunch of mythical creatures with nine eyes, nine stingers, twelve tails or more limbs that I can use to create a story?

Im on a search for legendary creatures with nine or more limbs to create a  legendary story like naruto and ghost in the shell I need your help to make it possible 


What is one word to describe each of the 12 Olympians? (Greek Mythology)

Just 1 word to describe a trait/ symbolism of each of these Gods/Goddesses:  Zeus:Hera:Poseidon:Hades:Hestia:Athena:Artemis:Apollo:Aphrodite:Hephaestus:Ares:Hermes: Thanks! UPDATE: Thank you so... more


What was Aphrodite the goddess of?

 I am learning about the Greek Gods and Goddesses and I am confused on how many different forms a goddess can partake in

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