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Is hunger games a good series to read? (for a 15 year old)

I've read a few series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Maze Runners etc.


great gatsby question

Was it necessary for Gatsby to die? Why or why not?


What books are recommended to read for 10th grade sophomore year? Or in high school in general?

Please typed any book you recommend, Also books about medicine.


'Ex Libris' usage

I'm putting 'Ex Libris' bookplates in all of my books, but want to order the bookplates by type. So far I have:'Ex Libris Astronomicis' (from the astronomy books of)'Ex Libris Computatris' (from... more
Books Copyright


Copyright law regarding use of a popular fictional character in a book

can I write a kids book about (for instance) Luke Skywalker, and call it an ‘unofficial memoir’ without any problems. Also there would be drawings. And how would I get around such things?Thanks for... more

Fahrenheit 451 Question

Education“Remember, the firemen are rarely necessary. The public itself stopped reading of its own accord” (p. 87). What kind of education is necessary to create citizens who recognize “quality of... more
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Book trilogy title

What book was about a kid who was given a scroll, traveled back in time, met people, and had a real twin back in his time? It's a 3-book series. The 1st book has a purple cover and the 3rd has a... more


importance/relevance of the Victorian Literature to the society and students

significance of the victorian literature to the society/students and how it impacts us

Fundamental and In-Depth Music Theory for an Absolute Beginner?

I know nothing about music theory, but I have been playing the guitar for over 5 years and have been only working with tabs. I want to learn music theory **from scratch, fundamentally and... more

What does "secret handshake" mean in the context?

I've read the following sentences from a book:> I wanted it so bad, I’d throw myself into practicing but somehow never> got good —while other kids who weren’t putting in nearly the same>... more


What does “though less so ~” mean?

I’m reading a book about world history, and there is a phrase in a paragraph I have no idea: “They were mostly connected to productive hinterlands, **though less so** in the case of Perth than the... more


Meaning of "Scarce"?

I'm reading Time Machine by H. G. Wells.And there is a sentence:"At first I scarce thought of stopping, scarce thought of anything but these new sensations".What does "scarce" mean in this context?... more


Is there any good book talking about clauses and phrases?

All grammar books I found underplay clauses and phrases; examples they give are simple and easy to understand, but in reality there are lots of long sentences made up of several clauses and phrases... more


Book Publication Data Page?

In an English-language book, we conventionally have, among the first few pages, a page displaying essential data concerning the book: Library of Congress Cataloguing Data, various credits,... more


Word for the separation of two parties in writing?

In *The Screwtape Letters*, Screwtape divides the demons from the angels in his arguments. He describes them and then describes "our" ideals. What is the name for this? To split two groups apart... more

Has the English language changed since 1854?

I've started reading a book named Walden, published in 1854. I am not a native English speaker, I am Persian, and I want to read this book for two reasons:to improve my English and because I think... more


Is "Even so, we’ll keep walking" a valid sentence as a book title?

I was struggling to find a good title for a fiction I write, and a found this sentence in the english subtitles of a song. I'd like to know if it's a valid sentence as a standalone, or if it needs... more

Is the expression "as promised in the list" correct?

I'm reading the book Looking for Alaska by John Green and studying English grammar at the same time. As far as I know, we must use "on" with "list". Is it a grammar mistake?> As promised **in**... more


Is it right to call a chapter of a book an "appendix"?

In *Think Python, 2nd Edition* the author states at the beginning of *Chapter 21. Analysis of Algorithms*: **"This appendix is an edited excerpt from ink Complexity, by Allen B. Downey, also... more


Word for books of sarcastic type?

Is there a a specific word for a book with a sarcastic theme? I am thinking of writing a book on the world of magic of witches and warlocks but in reality it is making fun of their beliefs. For... more


What's the name for this kind of writing?

I recently 'fell in love' with reading after receiving a book. Now that I've finished reading it, I'm looking for books with that kind of writing. I've Googled for similar books from the same... more
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Why is there a comma instead of a semicolon between the statement "'I'm sorry, I don't cry as much'"?

I'm reading a book *No Apparent Distress* by Rachel Pearson and saw a comma between the following compound sentence "'I'm sorry, I don't cry as much." Why is there a comma instead of a semicolon?... more


What are the connotations of a "foot-washing baptist"?

In the book, *To Kill a Mockingbird*, the foot-washing baptists seem to be painted by Miss Maudie to be evil and to have a strict adherence to the "cleanliness of the soul." When Scout asks Miss... more


Is Theodore Roosevelt's writing ungrammatical?

Here is an excerpt from chapter 8 of Theodore Rex* by Edmund Morris (http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40923.Theodore_Rex). Morris quotes some of Roosevelt's writing and calls it ungrammatical.... more

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