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Morphology Grammar


Why is 'hyper-' considered a prefix, but 'tachy-' is considered a combining form?

I am learning medical terminology. My medical terminology textbook has me all confused about roots, prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms; so I have been doing some research. I've found that most... more


Are centrioles really absent in human neurons?

A booklet (issued by my school) claims, Centrioles, formerly believed to be absent in neurons, have been described in neurons and may be associated with the production and maintenance of... more
Morphology Zoology Genetics Dogs


Can any species be bred selectively/engineered to become as diverse looking as dogs?

I've done some research and it appears that dogs are the most diverse looking single species of mammals. The questions that interest me is - are dogs special in respect to genes/gene activation... more
Morphology Arabic Verbs Nouns


non-concatenative morphology in written arabic?

How could you explain or analyze these written Arabic from the non-concatenative morphology point of view? These verbs are derived from nouns.bakkala (to buckle)bukla (buckle)tilifu:n... more
Morphology Arabic Grammar Greek


Greek - Arabic language relation?

Is there a valid, known link (academic source or even speculation) regarding the Greek and Arabic language, when it comes to syntactic- grammatical or morphological cohesion? I ve only come across... more

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