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How to improve this weak answer to a question?

My teacher said that my answer below was weak. So how can I improve it? Exactly where did I go wrong? I would really appreciate it I could get some tips.   What is the future of rural areas?Many... more


what should we call the situation when sunshine & sprinkles happen together?

In summer some time we saw that sunshine and sprinkles together . I want to know that what is this situation called.
Geography World Geography


Which of the following statements about language is true?

A.Languages can diverge and converge.B.Languages can diverge but not converge.C.Languages can converge but not diverge.D.Languages can change, but they do not converge or diverge.


Name two continents completely surrounded by water

Name two continents completely surrounded by water

Is climate change the same as global warming?

Could the terms climate change and global warming be used interchangeably?


what is the answer to all three of these questions please answer asap

Hi I have a test tomorrow there is two questions that I need to know these are the two can you answer themWhich three Latin American countries have the most land for livestock in which of those... more


Which sub-region of Africa is home to the Kalahari Desert

Which sub-region of Africa is home to the Kalahari Desert Which sub-region of Africa is home to the Kalahari Desert
Geography Tempertaure


whats the average TN temperatures in the summer

i need this for a very good report for my students,i am a teacher thank you, mrs.brenlee


what percentage of taxes do people who live with socialism have to pay?

Its for my project due tomorrow and i need an answer pronto because i cant find the  answer anywhere online and i also need to know what are other cons for socialism 


what region of north carolina is known by its sandy beaches

what region of North Carolina is known by its sandy beaches.
Geography History


Mesopotamia is considered to be geographically isolated; what is meant by that

i also need to know more that i will ask after
Geography Social Studies


Need help still

In the early 1900s who controlled most of pacific islands?____________   Which group first settled in New Zealand?   Why did British look to colonize the region, and how did that change the... more
Geography Science


How does the location of alice springs, Australia help explain why it receives less rainfall than Portland Oregon

I need help with this question.    

What is the state shape of the United Kingdom?

I needed to know if the state is compact, fragmented, elongated, perforated, or protruded?
Geography Climate/rainfall


rainfall measurements/climate for earth science

The avearage annual rainfall for Alice Springs is 281.5 mm.  The averagle annual rainfall for downtown Portland, Oregon is 1069.34 mm.     1.  How does the location of Portland, Oregon help... more


how to you start a term paper on culture geography(language)

writing a term paper on ebonics

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