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Why does geography dictate that India and Pakistan stay involved in Afghanistan?

This is a questions about Tim Marshall’s book Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World.

Patterns of Ethnicity, Language, & Religion

What causes cultural patterns to vary from place to place?
Human Geography


Where is atlasntis in the ocean?

Human Geography Social Studies


whats the origin of a dog

its a social studies question plz help as soon as possible
Human Geography Geography


What impact has industrialization had on europe’s natural environment?

How supportive are european countries of the kyoto protocol?
Human Geography History Geography School Project


Geography help??

I need a brief history of the National Park system in the U.S?    a list of five national parks and their locations?   an explanation of how tourism has affected one national... more
Human Geography


Who is making the primary investments in South America? Asia?

Human Geography


The statement “The United States is a melting pot” is most closely associated with which of the following?

-Globalization -Cultural diffusion -migration -cultural assimilation -pull factors
Human Geography


How did the camp residents from Rohingya survive for almost 40 years without any help from government??

These are the refugees from Rohingya living in bangladesh


What is the state shape of the United Kingdom?

I needed to know if the state is compact, fragmented, elongated, perforated, or protruded?
Human Geography


What is a language subgroup?

In comparison to a language family, a language group, etc., what is a language subgroup within a region?

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