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Deptmaster (deptid,deptname, dlocation), coursemaster (deptid, courseid,coursename), strengthmaster (deptid, courseid, maxstudentallow), studentdetails (deptid, courseid, studno, studname);

1) display the department and course where maximum students registered2) select name, department and course of student whose names begin with 'A'3) display department name of student having student... more


1.Find the names of all juniors (level=juniors)who are enrolled in a class taught by prof.Ram

Student (anum,shame,mainsubject,level,age)Class(name,meetsat,room,fid)Enrolled (anum,cname)Faculty (fid,cname,deptid)2.finad the age of the oldest students who either a history main or is enrolled... more

database assignment

You are working in a Library and the Supervisor has asked you to create a database to store the data in the tables below. use MS access any versionUsers... more


Looking for a tutor! I am self-taught in Node, Express, Python and SQL

Hey there!My name is James, and I started teaching myself html and css about 5 years ago, then jumped into javascript.I am hoping to change direction and focus on python and sql, more along the... more

ER Diagrams - relations

The SingLanka Record Bar has decided to store information about musicians who perform on its albums in a database. Consider the following requirements to design a database for the company... more
Sql Analytics


Data analyst sample question

The table has 4 fields: date, event_name, video_id and user_id. Write a query that will return the number of users who viewed at least one video in a given day and the number of those users who... more


Help combining two Oracle SQL queries

I am using 2 SQL queries. the 2nd produces additional columns not contained in the first query.I would like to see if they can be combined so the original query produce same original data plus the... more
Sql Html


I have developed this but email goes blank but actualy there is data in the table?? below i have excluded try catch block

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[spReportDataSync_log]ASBEGIN declare @last date = DATEADD(DAY, (DATEDIFF(DAY, 4, GETDATE()) / 7) * 7-7 , 4) declare @current date = DATEADD(DAY ,7, @last) DECLARE... more


Database Foundations

To maintain referential integrity, a foreign key value in one table of a relational database must match an attribute in another table.What is the name of the attribute?


Database Foundations

How are unary relationships associated with entity types?Customer data, Intersection, different entity types, or are the same entity types?


SQL query to a relational algebra

How I can translate the SQL query to a relational algebra expression?SELECT P.Name FROM Players P, Games GWHERE P.Id =  G.PlayerId    AND P.Game = 'Football' AND G.Season ='2019'where:... more
Sql T Sql


SQL/Yardi Mentor

Does anyone have experience with SQL and Yardi?


show department name and no of employees against each department and manager name of each (also show departments with no employees).

i am using hr schema employees and departments tables.


How to execute raw SQL in SQLAlchemy-flask app?

How do you execute raw SQL in SQLAlchemy? I have a python web app that runs on flask and interfaces to the database through SQLAlchemy. I need a way to run the raw SQL. The query involves... more


How to perform OR condition in django queryset?

I want to write a Django query equivalent to this SQL query: SELECT * from user where income >= 5000 or income is NULL. How to construct the Django queryset filter? ... more

Structured data

Hi i am doing research about Structured data and I am not able to find significant information about Structured data.What are the different types of Structured data?What are the advantages and... more


List all movie titles and years in which Tommy Chong appeared (hint; sometimes the name column in the actor table contains multiple names, so you want to find any that contain this name)

List all movie titles and years in which Tommy Chong appeared (hint; sometimes the name column in the actor table contains multiple names, so you want to find any that contain this name)


General rules for simplifying SQL statements?

I'm looking for some "inference rules" (similar to set operation rules or logic rules) which I can use to reduce a SQL query in complexity or size. Does there exist something like that? Any... more

How to write a simple database engine?

I am interested in learning how a database engine works (i.e. the internals of it). I know most of the basic data structures taught in CS (trees, hash tables, lists, etc.) as well as a pretty good... more


Detect if value is number in MySQL?

Is there a way to detect if a value is a number in a MySQL query? e.g., `SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE isANumber(col1)=true`


MySQL "between" clause not inclusive?

If I run a query with a `between` clause, it seems to exclude the ending value. For example: select * from person where dob between '2011-01-01' and '2011-01-31' This gets all results with... more


Getting date in format 20 Mar 2018 (Tue)?

How can I display date as dd MMM yyyy (ddd) in SSRS? Thanks!


Is is possible for SSRS to query a sharepoint view rather than a list?

Is is possible for SSRS to query a sharepoint view rather than a list ?


Reporting Services - hide table column based upon report parameter?

I have a report in Reporting Services 2005, and I want to hide or show a single table column based upon a report parameter. Does anyone have any idea how to do that? Thanks!
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