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Sql Server Sql Sas Transactions


Do I need to call rollback if I never commit?

I am connecting to a SQL Server using no autocommit. If everything is successful, I call commit. Otherwise, I just exit. Do I need to explicitly call rollback, or will it be rolled back... more
Sql Server Geography Sql C#


Insert Geography data into SQL Server 2008?

Can someone guide me to or give me an example on how would one go about insert/query Geography data in Sql Server 2008 ( Polygon with 4 points and Point in specific) using C# EF or Linq2Sql. I've... more
Sql Server Geography Sql


Geometry datatype to latitude /Longitude MS SQL Server?

I need to convert Sql Server geometry datatype to latitude /Longitude I have just imported a shapefile to my table (geometry) This query does not work:- select geom.Lat as [Latitude], ... more
Sql Server Geometry Geography Gis


Several questions about using spatial data?

1. If you have spatial data for SQL server, can you use the spatial data (both geometry and geography) in another application for instance ESRI ArcGIS? 2. Is spatial data a standard that every GIS... more
Sql Server Geometry Geography Sql


Trying to convert geometry to geography keep failing in MSSQL 2012?

In MSSQL I have LineString in Geometry type. When I try to convert it to geography using : ... more
Sql Server Geometry Geography Sql


Needing to find parent zip code of a bunch of missing zip codes in the US?

We're using MapPoint to export zip code / territory combinations. Unfortunately, the export doesn't include PO Box zip codes which mean that we're missing a lot of zip codes The PO Box zip codes... more
Sql Server Linux


create a view in sql server reading from a linux server informix database using ODBC connection

how can i create a view in sql server reading from a linux server informix database. I'm using an ODBC connection

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