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Civil Engineering Chemistry


What will be the BOD of the below described sample ?

A municipal sewage sample is diluted to 1 percent by volume prior to BOD5 analysis and initial DO was found to be 8mg/l/ After 5 days the oxygen depletion was determined to be 2mg/l/ What is the... more
Civil Engineering Math Physics Mechanical Engineering


Determine the internal bending moment and bending stress. Please help

The cross-sectional dimensions of a beam are shown. Assume bf=1.875 in., tf=tw=0.375 in. and d=4.75 in.(a) If the bending stress at point K is 2350 psi (T), determine the internal bending... more
Civil Engineering Calculus Mathematics


Find the arc length of the graph of the given equation from A to В.

Find the arc length of the graph of the given equation from A to В. (x + 3)^2 = 8 (y – 1)^3 A(-2,3/2) , B(5,3)
Civil Engineering Math Geometry Physics


Quadrilateral Circle Problems

A sector of a circle is radius 7 cm has an area of 7π / 2 cm^2. Find the central angle of the sector. Consider a circle of area 81 π cm^2. a.) Find the radius of the circle ... more
Civil Engineering Calculus



For different types of rational functions (you can use rational expressions where both numerator and denominator are polynomials), what methods would you recommend following aside from  L'HÔPITAL'S... more
Civil Engineering Structural Engineering


Need a structural engineer to interview

Good day to all who see this. I am currently a freshman from the Philippines taking a Civil Engineering course. We have a research project where we need to interview 1 engineer from the field we... more

Worker Health and Occupational Safety

List the responsibilities of engineers concerning occupational safety and health. Explain the legal responsibility of the engineer for different countries in detail, compare them, and support your... more
Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering


thesis literature review

I am doing a thesis on harvesting energy from natural waterfall such as after people have used a shower etc in a apartment block or sky scraper. I am struggling to think of some topics for my... more
Civil Engineering


Oyster as an Aggregate

Is oyster a good aggregate for concrete? Why and why not?
Civil Engineering


structural Engineering

Two concentrated loads of 100 kN and 200 kN advance along a girder with a 20-metre span, the distance between the loads being 8 metres. Find the position of the section that has to support the... more
Civil Engineering


design of two story building

design of slab design of beam design of column design of footing size 18ft * 21ft
Civil Engineering Physics Physics B Physics C


Members AD, DC and ABC are assumed to be solid rigid members; member ED is a cable. For this structure, determine the reaction at A, the tension on cable ED and the force in member DC.

Link for the structure: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DxMIGWG2rRfqXvjci6aN2CHWfTkghlyP/view?usp=sharing
Civil Engineering Physics Physics B Physics C


In Figure 1 and using Method of Sections, find the force in CD, BC and AC if the load acting at Joint C is decreased to 2,500 N.

link of figure 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J0zSHxO9aXIMa7D9G18SUy9qt2oq2C9E/view?usp=sharing


In Figure 1 and using Method of Joints, find the force in each of the members and indicate if the they are in tension or compression.

Link of figure 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J0zSHxO9aXIMa7D9G18SUy9qt2oq2C9E/view?usp=sharing
Civil Engineering


How much can i store weight wise on my flat office roof?

I have an office inside a warehouse with a flat roof. We would like to store some miscellaneous items on top. We were told we needed a sign that displayed the weight capacity of the roof. How would... more
Civil Engineering Statics


How do you know it is a zero-force member?

How do you know a member is zero-force? Assume I have no knowledge of zero-force members when explaining.
Civil Engineering


Calculate load for an I beam used as a column

Hello. I am trying to calculate how much load can an I beam bear if used as a column. it is a steel beam W 5x16
Civil Engineering Physics Mechanical Engineering


applied hydraulics

In a 30 mm diameter pipe, 0.1 mm roughness and 200 m long, 1.5 L/s of water flows at 20oC. Calculate the head loss hf and the unit head loss J = hf/L
Civil Engineering Physics Mechanical Engineering


applied hydraulics

In the flow of a fluid there is a galvanized steel duct (e = 0.180 mm; D = 100 mm); Q = 20 L/s; ν = 3604 x 10-4 m2/s; γ = 1,324 kgf/m3. The question is: what is the head loss in fluid m.c. and the... more


Show that B is the inverse of A.

A = -1/2 -5/4 B = 8 51 2 -4 -2To show that B is the inverse of A, we need to show that AB = I = BA.AB = -4 + ___ -5/2 + ___ = ____ ____ 8 + ___ 5 + ___ ____ ____BA = -4 +... more
Civil Engineering


a- What are the effects of slums? b- How can the formation of slums be prevented?

a-     What are the effects of slums? b-    How can the formation of slums be prevented?
Civil Engineering English


Use the function to evaluate the indicated expressions and simplify

Civil Engineering Math


A 1∕2-in.-diameter round steel rod 40 ft long supports a load of 4 kips. How much will it elongate?

𝜀 = ΔL /Lf = P/AE = (P∕A)/ (ΔL∕L) = (PL) / (A(ΔL))
Civil Engineering Linear Algebra


linear algebra and civil engineering

I have a term project. I should do research about ''how linear algebra can use in civil engineering'' Can you please suggest me resource about this topic.
Civil Engineering Math Physics Mechanical Engineering


The volleyball is played with a ball of about 270 g and 21 cm in diameter.

In one game, the ball ended up in a pool with so much strength that it almost reached the bottom of it and then went up to the surface.Calculate:a) The force exerted by the pool water on the... more

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