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Is the urban heat island effect stronger during a particular season or part of the year?

It is known that cities tend to be warmer than the surrounding landscapes, and this is known as the "urban heat island effect". In the summer there is greater heat output from air conditioning... more


What would the geology and climate of a supposed landmass near the pole be like, assuming a thoroughly warmer planet?

I am designing a fantasy setting for pen-and-paper role-playing (and potential novel) purposes. I have decided that a continent be situated right on a Pole of some imaginary planet with axial tilt... more


What controls the acidity of the ocean?

I have learned that: * coral reefs are made up mostly of calcium carbonate * coral reefs are mainly distributed in the tropical zone * The calcium carbonate will be decomposed in the reaction... more

Who first made paper?


When was the last ice age?


What is the Gulf Stream?

Climate Geography Change Hot


Why is it hot at the equator?

How to tell if a single day of weather is an anomaly or due to climate change?

I am interested in understanding how to tell if a single day of 'abnormal' weather is due to climate change or not. From my understanding, you would compare this day's weather to historical... more
Climate Weather


The position of the earth in relation to the blank directly affects climate

The position of the earth in relation to the blank direct

What career paths can I pursue with Environmental + Mechanical Engineering???

I possess a deep appreciation of nature. I love to go on treks and wilderness explorations. I desire to find solutions to climate change, innovate and design more efficient systems along with... more


Why is there such a large temperature range in Chicago?



Is climate change the same as global warming?

Could the terms climate change and global warming be used interchangeably?


climate questions

Which location is closer to a large body of water and how does this help explain its climate using Alice Springs, Australia and Portland, Oregon.  Use the concept of specific heat in the... more

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