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How was the first official geographical border established in Europe?

In this moment of history, geographic state borders are defined in official treaties between countries. These treaties determine where the territory of certain state ends and where the territory of... more
Political Geography Geography Europe 15th Century


Before it was "the Balkans"?

I'm working on a project set in the 15th century as the Ottoman Turks made forays into the West. I'm looking for an appropriate term for the region bordered by Anatolia, Romania and Bulgaria to... more
Political Geography European History Europe Middle Ages


How were political borders marked during the Middle Ages?

I have a very specific question regarding borderlands: between 500-1500, how were the political borders identified? Was it a mere furrow on the ground? Did we have any signs? In other words, were... more


Territorial Morphology

What is Nepal, Columbia, Nicaragua, Portugal, and France classified as: compact, prorupt, elongated,  fragmented, or perforated?

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