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How to create an outlined drawing of a map or easily turn a Google Maps screenshot into one?

I could probably figure out how to do one, but I have to do like, 30 of these and I want to learn how to make it quick and painless. My first thought was using Live Trace in Illustrator, but I'm... more


Before computers, how did cartographers draw roads with perfectly parallel sides?

If you're drawing a road on a map, and that road happens to be straight, it's easy to draw its two sides parallel: you just move the ruler. But most roads twist and turn, and drawing their sides... more


When is the best time of year to find the North Pole?

The Geographic North Pole or Terrestrial North Pole, is defined as the point in the Northern Hemisphere where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface.... more


When using a compass, why not follow a degree mark without rotation?

Instead of taking a bearing the "official" way, why not just see what degree mark corresponds to on the direction I want to go (in real life or on a map), and follow that degree mark? That is, why... more

How was the modern geographic boundary between Europe and Asia decided?

Wikipedia puts the boundary as: > The modern definition of Europe delimits it from Asia at the Aegean Sea, the Dardanelles-Sea of Marmora-Bosporus, the Black Sea, along the watershed of the... more


Find the actual distance represented by 1 cm to write the scale of a map with the key 2/5cm = 8km

 4t2v6vvcqr34rc4qt53gqgqg(Dont need one just answer question plz)

Describe the topography lines.

In area on a topographic map has the following contour line configuration: first, the barns are fairly' an area on a topographic map has the following contour line configuration: First, the Lines... more

What happens to a line/curve from a flat map to a spherical map?

The scenario starts from the Earth (assumed as a sphere with radius r). The sphere is turned into a square map (cartography) and now I measure a curve on that map (gaining a polynomial function to... more

Can anyone help me with this Topographic Map project?

I need to create a topographic map of an imaginary place. My map has to be on regular printer paper. The map has to include At least 20 contour lines with none crossing, Contour Intervals/Index... more

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