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Geography World War Two


Where was the Japanese surrender signed on Okinawa in June 1945?

On the 21st of June, Japanese defences on the southern fringe of Okinawa collapsed. The following day General Mitsuru Ushijima and chief of staff Isamu Chō committed suicide. Colonel Yahara was... more
Geography Mapping Open Data


Street and road data?

Where do companies like Google and Yahoo and Mapquest get their street and road data? Is this a data source that the public has access to?
Geography Economy Cities Mexico


What is so special about the location of Mexico City?

Since 1325, the area we know today as Mexico City has held some sort of cultural or historical bond. The bond is so strong that, no matter what, no matter how bad a shape the country gets, they... more
Geography Coordinates Gis Image


Image interpolation from original earth coordinate matrix to a new earth coordinate matrix?

I have a geographical image covering a certain locations in New York State. Each pixels corresponds to a locations which its latitude and longitude can be obtained (Or you can say that each pixels... more
Geography Geometry Sql Server Gis


Several questions about using spatial data?

1. If you have spatial data for SQL server, can you use the spatial data (both geometry and geography) in another application for instance ESRI ArcGIS? 2. Is spatial data a standard that every GIS... more


Learning classical geography - recommended literature etc?

I've been working in the field of GIS for a few years now, and there are some disciplines of knowledge where I lack a good degree of education. My educational background is that I've studied... more


Characterizing territory according to its relief using ArcGIS Desktop?

I want to characterize the territory according to its relief with ArcGis 10. I'm trying to define a wide territory by its relief, but I would like to do it in an automatic or semiautomatic form... more


PostGIS - st_intersects using polygons that cross antimeridan/equator?

New to using PostGIS and have two situations that I'm working with. In the one case, I have a polygon that crossed the antemeridian and was detecting whether a two separate points located within... more


Square inches to sq miles

I have a graphic image that is 256 pixels X 256 pixels . Each pixel represents 2 inches on the earth's surface (ground) . What I need to know is how many these graphic images I will need to make... more


When was urban planning created?


Where can I get (USA) county neighbour relationship data?

I need a graph where each node is a US county and each edge represents a border shared between counties. I do not particularly care about the absolute position or shape of each county (though that... more


Why is a GIS useful?


What are the applications of GIS?

Geography Turkey 20th Century


Why is the capital of Turkey Ankara rather than Istanbul?

Turkey's predecessor state, the Ottoman Empire, had its capital in Istanbul. Are there any reasons for the capital's move when it became Turkey?


Why do geographers use a gird system on maps?

Geography Health Data


Malaria Mortality Rate GIS Data?

Can anyone direct me to GIS data for malaria mortality rate? I am looking for countries in South Asia, but not looking for country level numbers but smaller level numbers like district level.


What was an upper and a lower region?

What made a region an upper, or superior region, or a lower, or inferior region? Examples: - Upper and Lower Egypt - Upper and Lower Austria - Moesia Superior and Inferior - Upper Volta (now... more


How to easily remember orientation of latitude and longitude?

Ever since the 3rd grade, I've been troubled by the inability to remember if Latitude runs East/West or runs North/South. I would always stress out **BIG TIME** during my Geography class. I'm... more


I've been told one state in the US is the easternmost, westernmost and northernmost state. How to visit the points?

According to what I've been told, one state (Alaska) has land which is considered the easternmost, northernmost, and westernnmost in all of the USA. What are the three points that allows it to... more


Area between two longitudes?

I am trying to compute the area between two longitudes (using the angle between them) but am having a hard time. I can do that more easily between latitudes but longitude reveals to be... more
Geography Population


Japan population

in the 1950 japan had a population of 83.2 million people. Japan is one of 20 countries with a negative population growth rate. What year will it be when Japan is once again 83.2 million... more

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