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Ap Human Geography History Us History


which of the following statements from the preamble to united states constitution best represents the of sovereignty

a. we the peopleb. establish justicec. ensure the domestic tranquilityd. provide for the common defensee. promote the general welfare
Ap Human Geography


Which of the following statements about economic/industrial geography is FALSE?

a Time-Space Compression refers to social/psychological effects of living in the modern world b All manufacturing operations must locate at the resource source c Quaternary industries collect... more
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During which moments in time did Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity spread the fastest ?

CHOOSE THE CORRECT ANSWER BELOW: inspired humans converted their family and friends a charismatic human walked around and shared the word This is part of a homework assignment and I know that... more
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Which type of diffusion has had the biggest impact on the spread of English across the globe ? (think colonization and internet usage)

-Maladaptive Diffusion-Hierarchical Diffusion-Relocation Diffusion-Stimulus Diffusion-Contagious Diffusion
Ap Human Geography


What are the opposite ends of the spectrum of concentration

The way I which a feature is spread over space is known as concentration.What are the opposite ends of the spectrum of concrntration
Ap Human Geography


what is the tenth parallel physically and culturally?

i need it answered please
Ap Human Geography


Who created the five themes of geography

Out of the text book
Ap Human Geography


Which might be a backward linkage with regard to the production of an automobile?

the emissions the completed auto will outputhow the auto will eventually be recycledwhere the auto will be soldthe iron ore which was mined and made into the auto's engine


Territorial Morphology

What is Nepal, Columbia, Nicaragua, Portugal, and France classified as: compact, prorupt, elongated,  fragmented, or perforated?
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Geography help??

I need a brief history of the National Park system in the U.S?    a list of five national parks and their locations?   an explanation of how tourism has affected one national... more
Ap Human Geography


Geographers using the regional studies approach argue that the distinctive landscapes of different regions result from what two factors

I have this worksheet with questions from the text book by Rubenstein. I do not have the text book because my wonderful teacher has not given us one simply because my school is too cheap to buy... more
Ap Human Geography


the primary intrestes of the EU are ?

A. political B. economic C. cultural D. military 
Ap Human Geography


What is the palestinian and israeli perspectives on the Holy Land?

What are the perspectives of each


What is the state shape of the United Kingdom?

I needed to know if the state is compact, fragmented, elongated, perforated, or protruded?

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