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Which is the fastest way to get the absolute value of a number?

How fast is an `if` (and why please). My college programing professors always told me to avoid `if`s for they are extremely slow, but I always forgot to ask how slow and why.


Why does Python code run faster in a function?

def main():  for i in xrange(10**8):   pass main()This piece of code in Python runs in (Note: The timing is done with the time function in BASH in Linux.) real 0m1.841s ... more
Performance Microsoft Word


Minimize file size of Microsoft Word documents?

What are the best ways to - ensure a small filesize for Microsoft Word documents when starting from scratch - reduce the size of existing Microsoft Word documentsusing only tools available in the... more
Performance Unix Pi Algorithm


What is the fastest way to get the value of π?

I'm looking for the fastest way to obtain the value of π, as a personal challenge. More specifically, I'm using ways that don't involve using `#define` constants like `M_PI`, or hard-coding the... more
Performance Python Measure Timeit


Measure time elapsed in Python?

What I want is to start counting time somewhere in my code and then get the passed time, to measure the time it took to execute few function. I think I'm using the timeit module wrong, but the docs... more
Performance Theatre Acting Drama


I have to perform a monologue that I hate, and I can't find a way to perform it without getting mad

I auditioned for a role to read a monologue, and I got in, but I couldn't choose what I'm performing. (All of the monologues were written by students in my school) I ended up getting a monologue... more

Lightroom 4 slow to render in Develop mode; what part(s) of my PC is/are dogging it?

I made the jump from Picasa to LR4 and switched to shooting RAW in the process.The software boost did not come with a PC boost, but I didn't think it would be necessary; my machine seems adequate... more

Is GPU or CPU more important for Photoshop and Lightroom?

I'm looking to buy a laptop (for a spare) and I'm not ready to spend the amount I did on my first one. The machine will only be used for photo editing. Should I go for the dedicated graphics card... more

Will an SSD provide a noticeable benefit for Lightroom over a traditional harddrive?

I am a huge Lightroom (3.6) user, and have a 2006 2.15 Ghz Core 2 Duo 24" iMac, running Lion. This Mac it limited to 3GB RAM max, but does have dedicated graphics. I have about 50GB left on my... more

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