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Intersection Math College Algebra Sets


Find the union and intersections of sets B and C using interval notation.

I am completely lost. Please help:B = w <= 3C = w < 7
Intersection Python Algorithm List


Removing duplicates in lists?

Pretty much I need to write a program to check if a list has any duplicates and if it does it removes them and returns a new list with the items that werent duplicated/removed. This is what I have... more
Intersection Geometry Python Points


Finding all points common to two circles?

In Python, how would one find all integer points common to two circles? For example, imagine a Venn diagram-like intersection of two (equally sized) circles, with center-points `(x1,y1)` and... more


Efficiently finding the intersection of a variable number of sets of strings?

I have a variable number of ArrayList<String>'s that I need to find the intersection of. A realistic cap on the number of sets of strings is probably around 35 but could be more. I don't want... more


Maximum size on the bounding box with ST_MakeEnvelope and && and geography column in PostGIS?

I've done quite a few google searches, but haven't managed to find anything that has helped me directly. I've got a few features in a PostGIS table with a geography column. The features are focused... more
Intersection Math Geometry


Intersection between a line and a sphere?

I'm trying to find the point of intersection between a sphere and a line but honestly, I don't have any idea of how to do so. Could anyone help me on this one ?
Intersection Java Logic


Java method to find the rectangle that is the intersection of two rectangles using only left bottom point, width and height?

I have found the solution but wanted to ensure my logic is the most efficient. I feel that there is a better way. I have the (x,y) coordinate of the bottom left corner, height and width of 2... more
Intersection Lines Pattern


What is the maximum number of points 101 straight lines can intersect?

It is maybe a pattern math... But I am confused


ABCD is a rectangle with diagonals BD and AC that intersect at X. BD=12x-6 inches and AX=4x+5 inches. What is DX?

I was asked this question in math and I don't understand how to figure it out. Geometry does not come easy to me at all! Thanks!
Intersection Math Physics Velocity


How far from and on which side of Okemos road did it start?

A car travels along a straight north-south road. A coordinate system is established on the road, with x increasing to the north. The car ends up 14 mi south of the intersection with Okemos Road. If... more
Intersection Graph Function


Find a function whose graph intersects the graph in 3 places

Find a function whose graph intersects the graph of f(x)= cos(x) in exactly three places.


Intersection of two lines

a(1−ax)=y2(ax−y)+1=−3(x+y) I need to find the Intersection of these two linesThe answer is: (1/a-3 , 3a/3-a) but I can't get to it


Intersection of Two Lines

a(1−ax)=y2(ax−y)+1=−3(x+y)   I need to find the Intersection of these two linesThanks for the help!   The answer is: (1/a-3 , 3a/3-a) but I can't get to it 
Intersection Sets


Find the intersection of each of the following pairs of sets

c) P = {x : n ∈ N, x = 3n n< 3} Q = {x : x ∈ N x < 7}
Intersection Algebra Linear Point


Find the point of intersection of the two lines

Consider the two lines L1:  x = -2t, y = 1 + 2t, z = 3t and L2:  x = -9 + 5 s, y = 5 s, z = 2 + 4 sFind the point of intersection of the two lines.



find the points of intersection of parabola and ellipse. find the points of intersection of two ellipse. 


2x+4y=11 and -5x+3y=5

find the intersection of the lines

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