Lucy R.

asked • 12/10/12

Is it wrong to write in passive voice?

Is it wrong to write in passive voice?

Margie H.

In regards to APA style, passive voice is generally avoided. Passive voice is wordy and redundant but is acceptable by APA guidelines in expository writing or when focus is on an action or object rather than the person or subject. 3rd person active voice is preferred and unquestionably correct.



Merry W.

Absolutely nothing is unquestionably correct. There are always exceptions. Active voice is generally preferred, but passive voice is appropriate in many professional and academic papers. This is especially the case when active voice gives the impression of being agressive when diplomacy is in order.   



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Merry W.

Michael is clearly the expert. (S-V-O) :)



Renee A.

Well said!


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Merry W.

Your examples are helpful. Thank you.



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Renee A.



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