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Can you please check my grammar?

Deforestation is the removal of forests on a big level by cutting down plants or burning of forests for fulfilling the personal needs. Forests are of great importance for the whole human... more

How can I get better grades in English grammar?

The student needs tutoring.
English Grammar


"YOUR" and "YOU'RE"

These words are so confusing. How do I know which one is appropriate to use?
English Grammar


Checking on acceptable ways to emphasize in casual writing…

I know that in academia , it is advised to stick with italicizing and underlining for word emphasis.But I have doubts on appropriate ways to emphasize words in casual writing? Are there no... more
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What makes a sentence a run-on? Can reading the sentence aloud help?

My friend said that she has to take a breath in the middle of a long sentence and that makes it a run-on. Is that correct? How do I know if it is a run-on sentence?
English Grammar


She had heard that the figure skaters were arriving. What are the helping verbs in the verb phrases?

English Grammar


Which is the correct term I started by intensive reading or my intensive reading

Please answer my question big argument in house 
English Grammar


Is Sober, Jackson began to write soap operas a simple sentence?

I need to know what type of sentence this is


Does this title make sense? Which one works best?

I am writing an essay regarding the topic of a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset. In the essay I explain how I am both. My question is : Does this title make sense ??? Which one works best ??? My... more
English Grammar


Which is more appropriate? 1) Kid in a kettle kisses the kite. or 2) Kid in the kettle kisses a kite.

Which is more appropriate? 1) Kid in a kettle kisses the kite. or 2) Kid in the kettle kisses a kite.

Where have you been all those years?

Me and my friend catching up after 2 years. So, is it correct grammatically to ask? "Where have you been all those years"?
English Grammar


Any save she money could not

Put the subject and Predicte in correct order
English Grammar


collective noun of boats

please tell that collective noun of geese,boats,rabbits and elephant
English Grammar


which one is correct?and why.

If we had started studying Spanish three years ago, we would be much more fluent in it now.  OR If we had started studying Spanish three years ago, we would have been much more fluent in it now.
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how best to elicit meaning and form (from English as a foreign language students ) using the phrase ''What does....mean?'' as an example??

The question asks me to write a production activity that teaches the phrase ' What does ... mean?' to foreign students.   I need to elicit meaning form and pronunciation from students but i am... more
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What is the right answer for this "gap-filling" question? The answer is in the description.

I have encountered with this question:   A person : ___________ go to the cinema and have fun together?B person : Great idea! Let’s go there after school.   Fill the blank area with the right... more
English Grammar


Can someone check my essay for grammar and punctuation errors?

I need help with an essay for school.  
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The area of a rectangular patio is 800 ft 2 . The patio’s length is twice its width. Find the dimensions of the patio.

Finding the are of the rectangle the length, and width of the dimensions to solve for the problems finding height or the weight.
English Grammar


which sentence is correct?

1.  I found the shoe looking for my coat. 2.  I thought the storm clouds looked dangerous standing on the shore. 3.  Wearing a warm coat, I walked to the store. 4.  killing myself all day, the... more
English Grammar Grammar


"Our nights ended with [...] keeping her safe from the dangers of the world." What should be placed instead of [...]? A)me B)my C)I

Hello. I have a grammar related question.
English Grammar


What is the predicate in this sentence “We swam across the lake”

What is the predicate in this sentence “We swam across the lake”


Review: word choice, grammar and organization.

I myself, as a creation of God is imperfect for I'm tainted by sins. I thought of a way to pay for my wrong-doings as well as to make my savior Jesus Christ proud. It is to help all the homeless... more
English Grammar


How can I analyze the structure of a certain sentence?

I need some help in analyzing the structure of this sentence:   He saw the rope under the boxes which was just what he needed.

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