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Introduction to the structural analysis of stories by Roland Barthes

What are the fundamental concepts and definitions presented in this text?Provide a summary of what you read.
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what are the main concepts raised by the text in The Death of the author by Roland Barthes?

What are the key concepts and the hierarchy of ideas mentioned in the essay of death of the author by Roland Barthes.
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Write a story with these words.

Please help me write a story that including these words, it can be any type of story:admonish, circumspect, deadlock, dilemma, opinionated, relinquish, spurious, breach, commandeer, debris, efface,... more
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English essay can anyone help me out please

I'm trying to do a 800 word essay on "Don’t Let Stereotype Wrap Your Judgement” by Robert HelibornerI did my outline but I feel like I didn't get this right like my body paragraphs is off.here's my... more
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english help urgent please

Read the passage.A warm, promising wind blew across the prairie that Easter Sunday in 1889 as Molly and her sister carefully folded their blankets and packed their few belongings in a large burlap... more
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Given the list of genres included, which short story genre most closely matches "The Red Shoes" by Edna Buchanan?

Horror storyAdventure storyModern story "with a twist"Crime and mystery story
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what does Portia's death symbolize

We just finished reading Julius Caesar in my English class, and my teacher gave us this assignment. I've finished the rest of the work sheet, but i can;t figure this question out. please help!!!


English gr. 9 assignment(write a fable on one of the topics) need ideas

I am good at nonfic writing, and bad at ideas for fictional stories. It has to have a moral. Just want some ideas.My instructions:Create your own fable on one of the following topics. Make sure... more


Does this title make sense? Which one works best?

I am writing an essay regarding the topic of a fixed mindset vs a growth mindset. In the essay I explain how I am both. My question is : Does this title make sense ??? Which one works best ??? My... more
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Answer the following terms in your own words using a sentence or two per term: Gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual orientation.

Keep it simple, but have a clear distinction between each of these terms. I need this for my English homework. Please and thank you.
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Write an article on the topic- How Google controls the life of an average person? (150-200 words)

 It's really urgent please!!
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please help?? this question is worth half my grade and i do not understand it.

Tajimaby Miss MitfordOnce upon a time, a certain ronin, Tajima Shume by name, an able and well-read man, being on his travels to see the world, went up to Kiyoto by the Tokaido. [The road of the... more
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Character Chart

i need a character chart of ten characters from a book. The descriptions must have quotes and page numbers 

What is the moral of 'My Greatest Olympic Prize' by Jesse Owens?

Pl give it in about 100-150 words. 
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What different effect is conveyed by the poem's focus upon a solitary bird?

Migrating birds usually travel in flocks and follow a leader. The poem I'm asking about is "To a Waterfowl" by William Cullen Byrant

Review: word choice, grammar and organization.

I myself, as a creation of God is imperfect for I'm tainted by sins. I thought of a way to pay for my wrong-doings as well as to make my savior Jesus Christ proud. It is to help all the homeless... more
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Which of the following is an example of appeal to ethos?

1. "Miguel's Fine Furniture: the most trusted name in interior design." 2. "Aunt Alice's: Where you're just like family." 3. "Earl's Evergreens: Providing the finest in Christmas trees for... more
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When is it necessary to accept help to overcome something difficult?

This is my essay prompt and I can't think of anything. Please also include a few examples from films, TV shows, etc.


Can some one help me write a story with these words?

I've been given twenty-four words and only have one or two ideas on what to write. I would like to see what you guys have to say. It's only a short story for ages between 13-15. Here are the... more
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I need help on making an introduction, argument paragraph and conclusion.

I already have my three body paragraphs that have been fixed and looked over. I just need an introduction that i am having a hard time with. Also, an argument paragraph, and conclusion paragraph... more
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Would this sentence be considered a thesis statement or a subtopic?

Would this sentence be considered a thesis statement or a subtopic?Although Christopher Columbus was recognized as a brave explorer he was really a selfish, brutal and ambitious man.

Write one sentence in the present tense about a parade you have watched or in which you have participated.

Please help, and Thank you so much for your help. I am not that good. Please help me!

Write one sentence in the present tense about a captivating view you have seen, whether of the ocean, a mountain, or a cityscape.

Please help, I really need help. and Thank you so much if you help.


Which of the following is a complex sentence?

a.“When a ruler enjoys wealth and pleasure while all about him are grieving and groaning, he acts as a jailor rather than as a king.”b.“Who quarrel more than beggars do?”c.“Let him live on his own... more

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