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Which of the following is a true statement?

A) Construction in the 21st century has shown a lag when compared to other industries B) Innovations in the construction industry during the 21st century have outnumbered those in other industries... more


Skill and Knowledge Gained

what should I write for this question ( for university application)


How to develop a growing interest in building / engineering / architecture in a 12 year old?

My 12 year old son is constantly making different buildings and structures using magnet tiles, blocks, and marble run pieces. Less into Lego, he's very interested in building structures in... more
Architecture History World History


Describe the characteristics of Gothic Architecture.

Describe the characteristics of Gothic Architecture.


How can you make a drywall ceiling section?

Im college student trying to do a ceiling with a plasterboard but i don't know how to do the section. I would appreciate the help.


Curtain from the ceiling when the window is not?

Hello, I have a 3,7m (12feet) high ceiling and it doesn't feel cozy. To solve that people have been reccomending me to hang curtains to the ceiling and not right above the window. Problem is: all... more
Architecture Civil Engineering


Subfloor - civil engineering

If i have a cut and fill project, how can i have a subfloor for ventilation? because the earth underneath would block the wind from one direction and it really cannot act as ventilation.


Why is it important to have adaptable apartments to age with us especially nowadays?

Where and when does the problem arise? Who does the problem affect? What attempts have been made to solve the problem?Has it been an issue for a long time, or is it a newly discovered... more


True or false Greek revivalism in America was considered an expression of democracy

Architecture Physics Statics


Building a bride out of cardboard, straws and string

​Hey, I have an assignment in my physics class where I have to build a bridge out of: a 20cm x 8cm piece of cardboard, 10 straws, And 3 meters of string. How it works:The bridge will be placed on 2... more
Architecture Geometry Mathematics


How to I formulate a unique mathematical equation to determine the building dimensions of a polar zonohedron dome ?

I want to know how to come up with the dimensions of each polygon within a "zome" (zonohedron-dome) based on predetermined height and width. That is to say, what formula can I use to plug in h and... more


Are old houses better made and longer lasting than "new build" houses?



Is it possible to combine Superadobe/Earthbag building and timber framing?



Is styrofoam a reliable material for building a skyscraper quickly and safely?

Architecture Theater Motion Graphics


why do we wear 3d glasses why can't the screen be covered with the glass

why do we wear 3d glasses why can't the screen be covered with the glass


Is there a way to build houses to make them naturaly cool in hot weather?



Is Thatching a good and economical way to roof a cottage?

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