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Difference Math Algebra Polynomials


Find the difference

Find the difference (3a-6b+12) - (6a-2b+7) Show all steps


Factoring Polynomials

Factor each polynomial completely. Make sure to check for a GCF first.w4-14w2-32I'm confused on how to work this out using the difference of squares formula, any help would be appreciated. I kinda... more
Difference Toefl Prepositions


I wish to speak WITH a British accent' or 'I wish to speak IN a British accent' - is there a difference?

> I wish to speak **with** a British accent?What is the impact of using **in** instead of **with** in the above sentence?


“Avere senso” vs “fare senso”?

My girlfriend is Italian and I've been learning Italian for some time now. I've always used "Fa senso" and she never corrected me. Recently I befriended a girl and when she heard me saying "fa... more


“Ora” vs. “adesso”. What are the differences?

Quando si usa *ora* e quando *adesso*? Sembra che le due parole abbiano lo stesso significato. Ci sono differenze?


How can one differentiate nonexistent entities?

How is it possible for things that do not exist to not be the same? How can one differentiate nonexistent entities? How can I know the difference between ghosts and werewolves if neither exist?


Difference between "darsi del tu" and "del lei"?

In Italian there's the usage of "darsi del tu" (referring to your interlocutor in second person singular) and "darsi del lei" (using instead the feminine third person singular).What's the... more


Sapere vs conoscere in "I know a language"?

What is the difference between "So l'italiano" and "Conosco l'italiano"? I've seen both used in sentences.
Difference Italian Word Usage


Are "che", "che cosa" and "cosa" interchangeable in simple "what questions"?

When I want to ask "what do you have for breakfast?", can I use any of the three, "che", "che cosa", or "cosa", to ask the question?I'm not referring to specific structures like "che ore sono?".


Are there equivalent to 때문에 with a positive/negative connotation?

If I am correct, the 'Noun+때문에 / Verb+기 때문에' structure is a neutral way to express a cause. For example, 비 때문에 늦었어요 (I was late because of the rain) expresses a negative cause, whereas 여자친구 때문에... more
Difference Italian Verbs


Come si spiega a uno straniero la differenza tra verbi transitivi e intransitivi?

Sto facendo un tandem con una ragazza austriaca e vorrei riuscire a spiegarle la differenza tra verbi intransitivi e transitivi. Per me, in quanto madrelingua, basta domandarmi se il verbo risponde... more
Difference Italian Verbs


Difference between 'vuotare' and 'svuotare'?

Is there a difference in context or connotation between the verbs 'vuotare' and 'svuotare', both meaning 'to empty'?
Difference Vocabulary Italian Verbs


Difference between parlando and parlante?

What is the difference between*parlando* and *parlante**credendo* and *credente*and*dante* and *dando*and many others.Are they the same thing? Does parlando and parlante both mean speaking, does it... more


Can 깨다 and 부수다 be used interchangeably?

What is the difference between these words when used to mean "to break (something)"? Can they be used interchangeably?
Difference Vocabulary Korean Nouns


What is the difference between 볼 and 뺨?

My dictionary translates them both as "cheek". Can they be used more or less interchangeably?
Difference Vocabulary Korean


Difference between 지르기 and 때리기?

Here's another question from my study of "The Art of Kyuki-Do". The book refers to some techniques as "chirugi" (which I assume to be "지르기"), and others as "darigi" (which, from context, I assume... more


Difference 동일한 vs 똑같은?

I found today in a translation that `동일한` was used in a place where my personal Korean linguistic pattern would be to use `똑같은`. While I might surmise that one could generally use either, I am... more
Difference Vocabulary Korean


Is there any difference in '악마' and '마귀', meaning 'devil'?

Is there any difference in '악마' and '마귀', meaning 'devil'? Do either of them refer to 'The Devil' in any particular belief system? Are either of them more rooted in Korean traditions?


Ways to say "circle" - curious about "원" in this sentence?

> **인생은 원이 아니라 무한한 직선이다** That translates to *Life isn’t a circle, it’s an infinite, straight line.* Is there a contextual requirement for when to say `원` and when to say `동그라미`? Are there other... more


aver sceso le scale' versus 'essere sceso dalle scale'?

What's the difference between _credo di aver sceso le scale_ and _credo di essere sceso dalle scale_?
Difference Italian Verbs Word Usage


In italiano, quando si usa il presente e quando il gerundio?

In English it is very common to use the present-conjugation of 'to be' plus the ing-gerund form of the verb to describe an action in progress.Ex: "I am talking to Tom".Would both of the following... more


How to see the difference between superlative and comparative?

Let's say we want to translate the sentence: "That is the most expensive house". Is it right to translate this to: "Quella è la casa più cara"? How can I see the difference in Italian between 'the... more


What is the difference between albergo and hotel?

Since I'm not a native Italian speaker, I don't exactly know what the difference between *hotel* and *albergo* is. Would you mind telling me the difference, please?
Difference Italian Verbs Word Usage


What's the difference between "cominciare" and "iniziare"?

Recently, an Italian friend of mine corrected my sentence, "Sono a dieta, **l'ho cominciata** tre giorni fa", like this: "Sono a dieta, **ho iniziato la dieta** tre giorni fa." Is there any... more

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