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Adam F.
4.9 (98)
300+ Hours

New York, NY

Columbia Graduate, Passionate about Math, Philosophy, Science


...I've tutored the LSAT logical and analytical reasoning sections several times. I'm able to provide direct and clear explanations for which choice is the correct one, and why each of the others are... read more

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Timothy H.
4.9 (48)
200+ Hours

Ridgewood, NJ

Skilled, devoted, patented and published Teacher


...I flew in the Gulf War, and served on a Combined Command with several Air Force units. I can help any aspiring Air Force pilot applicant to increase their score on the AFOQT. In addition to tutoring... read more

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David G.
4.9 (181)
500+ Hours

Bronx, NY

David G. Specializing in Math and Spanish


I am a current graduate math student with several years experience tutoring math at different levels. Available to tutor students from elementary school through college level math. I am an expert in... read more

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Kieno T.
5.0 (23)
100+ Hours

Trenton, NJ

I tutor math, science, military test prep, and FAA test subjects


...I love math--all math. Every problem is like finding a key to a mystery. I have been tutoring AFOQT applicants for years. I took and passed the test in 1993. I also think you guys... read more

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Bruce-Alan M.
4.8 (405)
1750+ Hours

Ocean Beach, NY

Professor BAM (Tutors ALL of Long Island: Nassau + Suffolk)


...(I'm also listed as a co-author of one POSIX standard revision, and three of the Fortran standard. I have tutored several people for the ASVAB, AFOQT, and similar tests, including some who increased... read more

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