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Subtraction Math Elementary Math


How to give a verbal answer on how to solve this subtraction problem

I am planning a VERBAL answer on how to solve the following problem.105 - 99 = ?I know how I am planning to VERBALLY describe how to solve it, step-by-step, but what about you?Thank you so much. As... more
Subtraction Addition


What two numbers have a product of 32 and a sum of -18. I really need the answer

What two numbers have a product of 32 and a sum of -18. I really need the answeR
Subtraction Multiplication


Calculate the value.

Subtraction Multiplication


How to solve this?

The total price of a cupboard,a chair and a table is $1500.The price of the cupboard is twice the price of the table.The chair is $80 cheaper than the table.Find the price of each item.


If 5 is subtracted from a number, and the difference is tripled, the result is 7 less than the number.

If 5 is subtracted from a number, and the difference is tripled, the result is 7 less than the number. Find the number and explain solution. Don’t use decimal notations.



535 people that are scared and 62 that aren’t scared how many people were in the middle neither scared or not scared
Subtraction Mathematics


What is 7000000-700, i know the answer still how shud i subtract it i dont know the method

My question is 7000000-700, the answer is 6999300 but what is the method of doing it? 
Subtraction Math Division Addition


The price of peeled oranges

The peel of an oorange weighs about 1/6 the mass of the whole orange. The cost of six oranges is $4.80. All the oranges were peeled and the fruit was found to weigh 1.6kg. What was the price per... more


Jan was 64 inches tall.Lizzie was 18 inches shorter than Jan. How tall was Lizzie

I need help 


Word problem

The difference of two numbers is 3256. If the smaller number is 5315. Find the greater number ."


Really need help with Rules of Exponents Problem, can someone help?

Problem: https://pasteboard.co/GAszZO2.png   I would greatly appreciate it if you were to solve it step-by-step, if it's too much work then don't worry about it. Thank you.


Billy is driving a car his gas tank is leaking. He has 60 gallons of gas. He looses 2 gallons every 15 mins. How many minutes will he be empty by?

i do not understand the question. It is confusing to me. Djdjdhfnnfndnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnnffnfnfn  


Mrs.Jennings drives about 16,000 miles per year in her work vehicle.

The vehicle manufacturer guarantees that the car will last at least 220,000 miles before needing extensive repairs.   What is an inequality that can be used to determine the number of years, y,... more


The sum of 4 numbers is 60 word problem

The sum of 4 numbers is 60.   The first number was increased by four The second number was decreased by four The third number was multiplied by four The fourth number was divided by... more


Subtracting 2 digits from 3 digits (renaming)

Hi there, I have a question about subtraction. I know it pretty well, but I'm having problems with certain questions. So take this question for example: 155 subtracted by 66. So, for that question... more
Subtraction Math Division Addition


15% discount is given on a pen that has a marked price of $8. How much must be paid for the pen?

I need the answer for this question quick!


Can't figure out the answer. Im confused please Help!

A poster sells stamps usually in the proportion of fifteen 5-centavo stamps to every six 6-centavo stamps and every four 30-centavo stamps in ordering 15,000 of these stamps. How many more... more
Subtraction Word Problem Fraction Time


Two cabinet makers each has 300 small cases to make. One can make 15 cases an hour, while the second can make 13.

The question is: HOW MANY CASES MORE DOES THE 2ND MAKERS HAVE TO FINISH? would you please show me the complete solution with equation in this word problem. Thanks! 


Johnny spent 1/4 of his money on a new belt. 1/5 of it on a soda and $50 cake. If he had $85 left, how much money did he start with?

Kindly give me an equation here in arriving the answer. Thanks


Three sandwiches and a hotdog cost $65, while one sandwich and 3 hotdogs $35. How much two sandwiches and 2 hotdogs cost?

I couldn't get the right equation in this word problem. What must be the correct solution?Your best explanation would be a great help. Thanks.


Together, Thomas, Ping and Lydia earn $144,000 per month. If Thomas earns $12,000 more than Ping and $18,000 more than Lydia, how much does Thomas earn?

I can't figure out the answer from the choices. I'm getting $50,000 for Thomas. My equation for this is: (x+12,000) + (x+18,000) + x = $144,000   I think there's something wrong with my... more


subtraction word problem

John had 876 balloons. He gave Bob 129 of his balloons. How man more balloons does John have than Bob? (Unravel Strategy)  

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