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If Melbourne has coordinates (37° S,145° E)

write down the coordinates of the location which is 4° due east of Melbourne.


Christos is travelling by plane from Sydney to Athens to visit his family.

a) He leaves Sydney at 1:10 p.m. on Tuesday and he arrives in Athens at 8:45 am Wednesday Sydney Time. How long was the journey in hours and minutes?b) What is the local time in Athens when... more

This is a trig question that is too long to put in the title. See description

A small pebble stuck on the tread of a car’s tire is travelling at a linearspeed of 35 miles per hour. If the radius of the tire were 1 inch greater and itsangular velocity were the same, the... more
Time Distance Rate


Julie and Paul head out from their school traveling in opposite directions. Paul drives 30 mi/hr faster than Julie. After 3 hours, they are 240 miles apart.

What is the rate, time, and distance of each person. Also what is their individual rates per hour in mph.
Time Physics


Is Reverse Time Dilation possible?

if the pulling force of mass or acceleration or electromagnetism can cause time dilation... would a pushing force of the repelling force of electromagnetism or the expansion rate of the universe... more


algebra 1 word problem. rate

at 9:00 on sunday morning, two bicyclists heading in opposite directions pass each other on a bicycle path. the bicyclist heading north is riding 7 km/hr faster than the bicyclist heading south. at... more

What is the difference between UT0, UT1 and GMT time?

Every reference I find says that they are essentially the same, which we all know really means that they are not the same, but different only by a some small amount. They also like to say that UT1... more


How to get the current time in Python?

What is the module/method used to get the current time?


How to recursively find and list the latest modified files in a directory with subdirectories and times?

- Operating system: Linux - Filesystem type: ext3 - Preferred solution: bash (script/oneliner), ruby, python I have several directories with several subdirectories and files in them. I need to... more


How are 24-hour (military) times read aloud?

I understand you read 2000 aloud as *twenty hundred hours* and 0000 as *zero hours*. How then do you read 0001 and 0010?


When did you last...?

I am searching for a way to ask a question like "When did you last see her?" or "When did you last do the laundry?, or also "When did we last meet?" Basically, how do you construct a question with... more


Why are leap seconds needed so often?

In Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), leap seconds are added to account for the slowing down of Earth's rotation. But the slowing down is said to be of the order of milliseconds in a century. Then... more

Is it possible that people perceive time differently than others do?

All of my life I have been told to be more patient, to stop "racing through life", etc. Happily, I am finally mature enough to accept that as solid advice, but I am curious as to whether it is... more
Time Python


How do I get time of a Python program's execution?

I have a command line program in Python that takes a while to finish. I want to know the exact time it takes to finish running.I've looked at the `timeit` module, but it seems it's only for small... more


What do 'real', 'user' and 'sys' mean in the output of time(1)?

$ time foo real 0m0.003s user 0m0.000s sys 0m0.004s $ What do 'real', 'user' and 'sys' mean in the output of time? Which one is meaningful when benchmarking my app?

Meaning of “come eleven a.m. or so”?

I'm reading *The Fermented Man* by Derek Dillinger. The author talks about his reaction towards sugary sweets after one year of eating very simply. It turns out the average amount of sugar most... more


How should one say times aloud in 24-hour notation?

A couple years ago, I switched all my personal clocks 24-hour notation. I live in the US, and 24-hour time is used very, very rarely. So, I haven't been able to listen to anyone say times... more


How do I say "before" or "used to" in Japanese?

朝、作文を書いた時、疑問に思いました。 How can I say something like: > I didn't use to like this band. > Before, I didn't like this band.

For the time being vs. "for now"?

Consider the following passages:> A litter made of two rifles and two field jackets would suffice **for now**. That was good news; another bit was that the EPW was a lieutenant, a regimental... more


How can I say "Right now", or "At that exact moment"?

Saying "now" is easy, with 今, but in my experience that doesn't express so much "right now, this instant" as it does "currently". I am looking for structure that translates these examples well: -... more


Distance, displacement speed and velocity

A student went for a run. She ran for exactly 22 minutes at an average speed of 4.0m/s calculate the distance she ran in km and state the equation that links distance travelled, average speed time.

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